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My People
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so blessed... not stressed....

Well.... it's been three days since I last updated so I figured I better recap so you don't worry... (Aunt Ginger!)
My weekend break was awesome! Austin came home on Sunday and was overflowing with excitement about the Disciple Now weekend he had just experienced and about his birthday on Monday.
Sunday was a great day at church. I love my church. During church I got to sit between my two big nieces - Stasha and Jessie - and then after church I got to pick up my two little nieces from their classes. Lots of loves and hugs and praise and worship and smiles and ... well, it's hard to explain... it's just an awesome place to be.
Sunday afternoon I napped... and watched hockey... and watched Amazing Race and went grocery shopping and played online. Good times.
Monday was payday and Austin's birthday.
Angie brought the girls by the office to get ready for dance... I had saved a few minutes from my lunch to be able to help with them.... to do hair and get sweaty little feet into tights... shared my snack (pomegranate applesauce) with Sarabeth... with Angie and Jim's schedules over the next two months I'll be the designated Dance Aunt quite a few times and I'm so excited! I've got to put together a dance bag with hair stuff and snack stuff. I think this is God's consolation prize for me being a boy mommy... having two girly girls in my life who need my help getting to dance class! I'm a lucky Aunt!
After work Austin and I went out for chinese which he loved and I mildly appreciated. I'm more for thai food than chinese but... it was his birthday. He ordered "happy family" and we spent a lot of time joking about having to buy a happy family... then the order took a long time to come and we talked about not even being able to BUY a happy family...ha!
Ryan is supposed to be in atlanta this weekend. Austin wants to go have a sweet at cafe intermezzo inside the perimeter... if you want to check it out. If anyone is in town Saturday afternoon and wants to join us... let me know!
After we got home from dinner I had a phone call from a blast from the past. It seems that I can't escape the darby era. It wasn't unpleasant... just more drama than I want or need... it's never ending with his life... I guess if you rotate through women every 2-3 years, over a lifetime you accumulate quite a posse of people whose lives you've impacted.
Once again, I'll say that God has placed me in exactly the place He had for me. I couldn't be happier than where my life has ended up. Not what I would have chosen for myself... so much better! I love having the opportunity to share this with people who might have felt sorry for me in the past... if you'll let Him, God will lead you to your perfect place.
Today... for the 4th time this year... we have snow... and I think this bonus snow is the deepest and prettiest yet. It's been steadily falling since before dawn. Based on the forecasted temps - expected to remain above freezing - I tried to go into work - and it didn't take me long to realize that the temps were much colder and the roads much more icy than what had been predicted. I ended up taking a snow day. School had been called off at 5:54 this morning - that's when we got our phone call from the school system. So we're tucked in the nest just watching it fall. It's a great day, it's a beautiful world and I'm blessed beyond measure!
The temperature should be back into the sixties this weekend... and spring is right around the corner!
Hope you're all happy, safe, dry and warm! Love and hugs!


Annie said...

Have a great day! :)

Missie said...

Continue to have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious to know who you heard from this weekend . . .

Kelly Dawn said...

me did you hear from this weekend :) I wish we were getting that much