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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my weekend.

I had an asthma attack this morning. I had the meds on hand to relieve my symptoms but the meds have me geeking like crazy... I hate this feeling.

Austin is home now... I missed his sweet little personality last week. He's a pain in the rear but he's also funny and smart and kind. I love my kids.

I got to spend time yesterday with my parents, Cody and my future daughter in law, Marquee. It was a good day. The trip down to Atlanta was awesome... the trip home was miserable because of traffic... but it was a good day.

I helped my dad set up his first blog. He has been sending out a little bible study/devotional email every morning for quite some time. I suggested that maybe setting it up as a blog would be a good idea. It's short and easy to read to start your day. Check him out at and be sure to tell him that I sent you!

I went shopping with my mom and Marquee yesterday for a dress for the wedding. I found something that I really like... it matches the color scheme perfectly... it's the exact length I wanted and it's appropriate for a woman my size without being a flour sack. I will post a picture later so you can see. I also bought a short sleeve sweater as a cover up or a scarf so I can decide which way I want to go on the day of the wedding. It's an outdoor wedding in May... so it will probably be warm. Marquee's mom and aunt also shopped with us so I got lots of feedback. I just wish Candice and Purple Michael could have been there too!

Thanks to mom and dad for buying my dress for me! And thanks to Pop for the beautiful pink scarf he made me! It's exactly the color I wanted!

Cody had a break in between appointments at work so he was able to join me, mom and Marquee for lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant. We had a really good time... even if mom did get a little out of control with the margaritas. (I'm totally kidding... we only joked about getting mom drunk). I had a tamale and a side order of the mexican veggies that this place fixes and they were soooo good. It was nice to have mexican without filling up on mushy refried beans.

After lunch we were able to go see Cody's massage room at the spa where he works. I'm so proud of Cody.... he's doing what he wants to do and is making a living. Not bad for a 19 year old kid who- just two short years ago - we weren't even sure he was going to graduate from high school. It's awesome to see my boys doing well, being successful and being mostly self-sufficient. During the Darby years I took a lot of criticism about my parenting style... but I'll put my boys up against ANY one else's kids. They're smart, kind, successful and happy. I'm a very proud mommy.

Then I dragged mom and Marquee with me to the thrift store. I have been rotating the same tired four work outfits all winter. I'm sick of them, I know my co-workers are sick of seeing them. It was time to get a few new things and since mom and dad paid for my dress for the wedding, I was able to use the money budgeted for that to beef up my wardrobe at the thrift store. Marquee had NEVER been to a thrift store! I told her to stay in school and get a degree so that she doesn't have to shop in thrift stores... but then I told her truthfully that I really love shopping that way and would do it even if I could afford to buy anything and everything retail. I like the treasure hunt of it all... and so many things are brand new with tags still on them. I bought 5 tops, a skirt, a gorgeous scarf, a pair of shorts and two nice dresses for $34 - including tax and also including a golf picture that Marquee picked out for Pop.

Once we got back to mom and dad's Cody had gotten off work and was able to give me the official tour of his and Marquee's house - aka the Guest House - aka "Mawmaw's House". My parents bought the house next door to them last winter for about $23,000 - which was $1000 less than what they paid for the house they live in when they bought it in 1976! Cody has worked hard at refinishing the floors, redoing the kitchen cabinets, cleaning, painting and getting the house in good shape. I had not been able to see the "after" yet.... so I got the grand tour. It looks amazing! It's such a cute little house.... about 1200 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, big den... with a nice fenced in backyard. It's a perfect first home for a young couple. Heck... if it wasn't in Riverdale, I'd live there!

After our tour, Austin and I hit the road... and promptly got stuck in some random, inexplicable Atlanta traffic. It was MISERABLE! MY head was hurting, my throat hurt, I couldn't breathe... it took about an hour longer to get home than it should have. We stopped off for Chickfila and were literally counting the minutes until we got home and then... seven minutes from home there was an accident that had the road closed. Ugh. We sat and ate our chickfila and moaned and groaned...

I can't shake the headache and I can't breathe. I'm having yet another pajama Sunday. They're going to take away my church membership if I keep missing...

Pop sent some golf clubs home with Austin so he can practice... and Bitty Kitty LOVES golf balls! He looked like a little Pele - playing kitty soccer with his golf ball in the kitchen this morning. It was hilarious!

Anyways... bitty kitty and I are curled up in the nest watching the Sunday morning talk shows. Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday wherever you are.... love and hugs!