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My People
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's Up, Wednesday? The Old Folks Home

What's up today? I'm going to work for the first time since March 16th. That's what's up!
They called yesterday and said they had reinstated my computer sign on and said I could come on in and learn the different office procedures, etc. They want me to work 11-5 today and said they would make sure I had breaks so that I'm not sitting the whole time.
Isn't that a unique perspective? To say that we understand your disability and value you enough as an employee that we will make sure that you are not suffering while you're on the job. It's a super morale boost for me, to know that there is a concern about my well-being.
I'm anxious, of course. It feels like the first day of school. I even have my outfit laid out -it's the outfit I wore for a few hours yesterday when I took my mom to the doctor and when we went out to a late lunch/early dinner at Olive Garden. Clean enough still for a few hours at the office. I need to get the rest of my clothes out of the trunk of my car so I have a few more work outfits. I've been in tshirts and shorts most of the summer.
By next week we'll all be back to a somewhat normal schedule - Marquee starts the fall semester in college, my mom goes back to her last year as a crossing guard and I'll be gainfully employed.
The poor dogs are going to have to remember how to "hold it" for a few hours in between all of us coming and going.
The morning schedule will work great - Pop leaves at 5, Mom leaves before 7 and I will leave around 10:30. This is important in a house with one bathroom.
I'll have plenty of time in the morning before work to blog, run errands, glam, watch the shows that I've come to enjoy watching in the morning and I'll be home in time to watch The Five at 5pm every day.
Of course, my hours and work days are not set in stone yet. I mentioned yesterday how much I would enjoy a four day weekend... I'm going to ask for that but, also, as a brand new employee, I want to be as flexible as possible.
And, finally, I have the luxury of flexibility. No kids to worry about after work. Just my fur-boys and there's always someone around to make sure they're loved and fed.
Cody got off early yesterday and came and played with Trouble. Trouble misses Austin so much... Austin would always play with Trouble and gave him an outlet for his energy. Cody's cat, Tommy, has gotten too old to play so Cody comes and plays with Trouble. Cody even brought over Tommy's old toys for Trouble and Trouble LOVES them... whenever Oscar the wiener dog doesn't take off with them. Trouble even lays in the windows on the end of the house by Cody's house to watch for Cody to get home.

We got the inspection report on the Old Folks Home yesterday. There are a couple of things that have to be fixed, one of the a/c units, a little plumbing, a few electrical issues. There is a tree that is too close to the house that will have to be cut for us to be able to get an insurance policy issued. There are a few little minor things that need to be fixed - a nail here and there - cosmetic things. I think the dishwasher has to be replaced. In the scheme of things, even if you add in the cost of the repairs, mom and dad still got a great deal on this house. Pop got a taste of what it's like to live in a small town last week when he called the a/c repairman. The repairman indicated that it was a $125 charge for him to go out to diagnose the problem ... then when Pop gave him the address the repairman said, "Oh, I can save you the trip... I've been out there.... here's what we need to do". That's the way it works a lot of the time.

Here's another view of my part of the house... the one door on the end is a storage shed. Then there's a sliding glass door that goes into a big living space... big enough for my living room furniture and even a kitchen table and chairs (which we have, of course). There are two bedrooms down on this level. One doesn't have a window, which would be great for Austin if he ever decided to move in with us as he always wanted his windows blacked out to maximize the game playing experience. Austin, however, is still enjoying his stay with his married friend and is still working! Woohoo! He said they plan to get an apartment, him, married friend, married friend's wife and their two kids. Don't ask me how that all works... I didn't get into the details with him because even if I had an opinion or suggestion, he wouldn't take it anyways and it would just frustrate me. He's eating, he's working and he has some ambition of bettering his circumstances so... that's all I need to know.

This is one area that we have to work on... there was a little waterfall set up leading to the bottom floor but it's overgrown and needs a little tlc. My mom is a great landscaper so this is right up her alley. But ... even with the little bits and pieces of things that need work... it's all worth it because...

I can't wait to be up there on Friday so that I can take some pictures myself.... I want to get some shots closer to the lake. Pop says there's a little tiki-hut type structure on the dock and mama doesn't remember it. A big reason they wanted this particular house was because it had a place for my mom to go fishing. She's going today with Uncle Carl. She is getting her tackle box together now. She gets that fishing gene from her dad. I did not inherit this gene. I appreciate the view and hope to be able to set up a little outside space for me, maybe with a comfy chair and a little place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. I doubt I'll be hanging out at the dock much.

Anyways...  it's been a good week so far. Life is good. Nothing to whine about today!


Bookncoffee said...

Good luck on the new job. It is nice to have an employer that cares about people as people.