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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random Things

This has been a crazy week month year for me! Two grandchildren, a new sister-in-law, a big disability hearing, finally a diagnosis for the Evil Gut Pain... life has just been speeding by me lately. Since I rarely hardly ever post daily blogs any more there are a lot of little details that I forget to share. I thought I'd do that now.

After we got our little Oliver cuddle on Friday morning they had a fire at the hospital! There's some new construction going on and I'm not even sure there were flames but just a lot of smoke and bad odors. Marquee and Oliver were evacuated from the mother/baby wing back to the labor and delivery room which they were sharing with several other mothers and new babies. Can you imagine being less than 24 hours from giving birth and having to be squished in to some ad hock maternity ward? Nuts!

I had my final doctor appointment before my disability hearing today. I've re-written that sentence five times trying to make it make sense. I had my final doctor appointment today before my disability hearing. I had my final doctor appointment today before my disability hearing on Wednesday. Confusing. English is hard. I mean the appointment was today and the hearing is next Wednesday. Obviously, I've lost my mind so... anyways... Today's appointment was to get a specific form filled out by the pain doctor. They were mostly great and I feel like we've got much more medical documentation lined up and that makes me feel better. Ultimately it just comes down to one man's opinion based on a few minutes of knowing my history and it could easily go either way.

I had one of those "duh" moments in the doctors office. You have to give a urine sample for drug testing because that's a huge hairy deal with a pain clinic. No pee, no meds. Because I'm not limber any more I get one of those top hat things to catch the specimen. Today I went and completely missed that gigantic container. I told the nurse and she told me to just drink up and try again in a few minutes. I had a gatorade that I was drinking and I chugged it. Got my specimen but then had to pee so bad on the way home I thought I would burst! Aren't you sorry I'm not daily blogging because you would have missed out on that little nugget.

I made tabbouleh today. I have mentioned before that I use the Near East brand that has the bulgar wheat and the spice mix. You just add boiling water and let it plump up and then add lemon juice, olive oil and tomatoes - or whatever veg you're putting in it. I forget how much I love it. I found some orange tomatoes in the store and that inspired me. The orange ones are less acidic.

Speaking of food... Pop made hamburger helper for dinner tonight and it was so good! Comfort food never fails. I've got pineapple upside down cake for dessert. I'm allergic to pineapple but the less fresh, the less it bothers me and this was from canned pineapple. I'm sure I'll survive.

Now that I have a smart phone I have been taking advantage of Siri. I couldn't figure out how to set an alarm for this morning so I asked siri. I was driving home from Gainesville this morning and I needed to text Austin to tell him I was on the way home and I just got siri to text him. I haven't figured out how to get her to read me the response to a text but I'm sure there's some way. And just now I asked her to remind me to take my meds at 7pm. I mean, she's a middle aged woman's best friend. Instead of having notes everywhere I just put it on siri!

Also... how have I lived all of my life without emoji's? I'm that annoying person that uses them in combinations. Sometimes I just really don't have the energy to articulate so a smiley face comes in handy. Or a frowny face. Or a red face.

I have two super cute videos to share and I'm not great at inserting links but I'm gonna give it a go.

The first one is Cosette watching herself on my iPhone. She smiles whenever you say the word "pretty" or the word "princess". She's really my girl! And Jamie's cousin! We took two videos of the same thing, one on my phone and one with my digital camera. This is the one from my camera. Obviously because you see the phone. #painbrain - the struggle is real.

Some people have asked about the red mark on her forehead. It's called a hemangioma and it's basically a cluster of blood vessels under the skin. It's not uncommon and it is supposed to go away over time. I have them in various places and the dermatologist said it's nothing to worry about so I'm going on that as a second opinion on Cosette's hemangioma. I've had mine for awhile and they haven't faded or gone away over time but... whatever. I used to have a huge nebulous something or other, I forget the name, in the middle of my forehead. I had it most of my life. I had it removed in September of 2008 which is why I have a little scar in the middle of my forehead now.

Another amazing kid video... Oliver holding his pacifier in with his own little hand while he was still in the hospital. His dad used to have three pacifiers at once... he held one in each hand and sucked on the other one.... and he turned out ok so I'm confident Ollie will as well!

By the way... Oliver's mommy has already lost most of her baby weight. I'm still trying to lose my baby weight from when I had Austin. Some folks get all the luck.

One more little tidbit that I know you just can't live without... I used one of those Pedi-egg things to get the dry skin off my feet. I'm a half inch shorter now.

And with that... I'll say goodnight, farewell and love and hugs!