My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, February 8, 2016

Random Incomplete Thoughts

I really didn't care about Super Bowl 50. I'm normally mildly interested but... blah. I read a book.

I went to the library on Thursday with Austin, Tasha and Cosette. It was Cosette's first library visit. I finally paid for a book that I lost in 2011. Austin registered to vote. We thought about staying for story time but... maybe next time. I checked out five books since Austin was there to carry them for me.

One of the books was the original manuscript the that Little House series was based on. It was annotated with facts from Laura Ingalls Wilders letters and other sources (like census data) and was very interesting to read. Like the story behind the stories... it was just published in 2014 so it might even still be available for sale - look for Pioneer Girl.

I also read a book called, "Angels On The Night Shift". It was not the best thing ever but it was set in Rock Hill, SC where one of my brothers went to college. So that... was a book.

Next up, what I'm currently reading is a biography of Rosemary Kennedy. Such a tragic life.

My shoulder is killing me.

Yesterday was the first time that Cosette has asked for me. They were having dinner and she kept hollering for "Nana". I was downstairs. Her dad brought her down and she was glad to see me. Always fun to watch her realize the power of communication.

I also brought her down for a little play time with Nana this afternoon after she fell out of her highchair... trying to keep her awake and make sure there was no damage. She still remembered where Raggedy Ann's nose was so I figure she'll live. She's just a little monkey.

I've gotten hooked on Yahtzee online. You play head to head games with people sort of like Words With Friends. I'm very strategic.

I placed an Amazon Prime Pantry order that is coming tomorrow, I think. I stocked up on powdered Gatorade. It's so much cheaper that way. I feel like I've talked about it so much but it is such a "why didn't I think of that sooner?" moment for me. Cheaper, easier to carry. I bought other stuff too.

Austin is having a hard time at work. The manager of their store is known for being a jerk. He's been a jerk to Austin a lot lately. Austin still keeps getting up and going in to work and doing the best he can, even when that jerk berates him and says things that are totally beyond the scope of what an employer has the right to say to an employee. I want to use a different word than jerk but I'm practicing restraint. I'm just really proud of how Austin has stuck with it even in the face of adversity. Big adulting experience.

Ever had a meal that was really exactly what you wanted? Before the library on Thursday we went to Huddle House. I had hash browns - extra crispy - with two eggs fried medium on top. The yolks were just the exact consistency to bind with the hash browns and it was such a good meal that I may end up back there soon. I almost never eat in a restaurant so you KNOW it was good!

My student observer brought me a BLT and some tomato gorgonzola soup from her work place (the Sautee Market, if you're local) and that was another "I can't wait to have another" meal for me. The sandwich more than the soup but the soup was also really good.

Cosette has a check up tomorrow. We'll update her weight then. She is still a tiny little petite thing but is pretty adventurous with real food. She prefers pouches and puffs.

I have a visit the with pain doctor on Friday. Time to talk about potential changes to my treatment plan. Pain doctors are under increasing pressure to get away from narcotics and while I understand the danger... I also understand the danger of leaving someone in pain. We haven't tried anything new or different over the past four years since I was without insurance for such a long time. We know the arthritis in my hip is new/different/worse and the shoulder pain is becoming a real issue for me. I don't want more drugs, I just want to not hurt. Is that unreasonable? I want more of the "management" and less of the "pain".

I'm about to finish my current sewing project. I've had to cut down on my sewing time (shoulder) but I always get excited when it's time to start something new!

My mom goes for her follow up with her surgeon on Friday. Hope it's nothing but good news!

I guess that's about it for now. Hope you're all well and warm and ready for my favorite holiday - you know, the one that happens next Monday - HALF PRICE CHOCOLATE DAY!

love and hugs!