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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I. Am. So. Sick. Sicker than I can remember in blogging times. It's like every disease known to man has decided to inflict themselves on me all at the same time. It started on November 11th with a migraine. I was functional some days but from Friday to Wednesday (the 16th) the headache never really went away. By the time I was at my Drs for my regular three month checkup on Wednesday the 16th (yes, they see me every three months even at the primary care doctor - things that make you realize I'm a special snowflake) my head was killing me. After an exam done in the dark - he offered a toradol shot so I thought, "sure, what could it hurt?" Two hours later I had the most god-awful pain in my upper gut... and started looking up "side effects of toradol". Yep. That's one of them. Then my throat started killing me... swallowing broken glass type killing me.. I woke up on Thursday and it was still awful. I found out there's mono in the family right now so... yikes... I call back and my doctor can't see me but tells me to go to Urgent Care. I didn't feel well enough for driving myself and sitting for hours at Urgent Care so I decide to wait and see what happens. Friday we got Cosette who had been running little fevers off and on for the past day or so. My throat is still killing me... she spikes a fever and we can't get it down the usual ways with her (tylenol and letting her wear just a diaper) so we decide to take her to Urgent Care. I decide since I'm there anyway and her parents are both there with her (we picked up Tasha on the way to the dr) I'll go ahead and get checked out. They send us back together which, turned out to be a good thing. They swabbed my throat (which is really uncomfortable) and assessed her symptoms compared to mine and since my strep test was positive, they diagnosed us both with strep throat. I requested a shot instead of oral antibiotics because it just works better that way with me. If they hadn't had me there to swab my throat, they would have swabbed her too which is miserable. I was glad I could take the pain for her. We went to the pharmacy to get her antibiotic and then took her and her mama home. We still had about another hour and a half of "our time" with her but you're talking about a sick baby with a fever who really needed her mama at that moment... and a Nana who is too sick to get back out and drive folks home after just getting home from an afternoon at the doctor. 

By the time we got home I was dealing with ungodly sinus pressure - so bad that I had to lean over the sink with hot compresses on my sinuses to loosen things up just to breathe. Just breathing through my throat was painful because of the strep and... I was starting to have drainage in my throat too. Once the snot started, the migraine started letting up after one week of non-stop migraining. But this new issue... the snot fountain I created... was a whole new world of misery. By Saturday it was in my chest. By Sunday I was struggling to breathe.. pain in my chest... coughing up scary colored phlegm. Sunday night (in the middle of the night) I was packing my bags because I knew I was going to end up in the hospital. I called my dr first thing on Monday morning (yesterday) and never got a call back. I love my doctor but his office staff sometimes can be a little slow. My parents had afternoon appointments and I knew I was never going to be well enough to drive that day so I went ahead and rode to the doctor with them hoping I could be seen in Urgent Care while they were at their appointments. I sat there for two hours and there were still three people ahead of me when my parents got through. I was over it. I didn't want my mom to be exposed to sick people any longer than necessary and I just wanted to go back home and suffer in my own space. My mom had talked to the doctor while they were back and he said the shot they gave me would work for pneumonia or bronchitis if I had either of those - if they were bacterial so that made me feel a little better. If they're viral... I'm just screwed. I'm not sitting in another doctors office waiting room this week. I'm over it. 

I got home and about two hours later started with an upset stomach. When you move slow anyways... and you're moving slower because you're sick... and your bathroom is not that far away but far enough...and your insides are exploding from your body... it's not pretty. That lasted most of last night... up until an hour or so ago. Mess up - clean up. Mess up - clean up. Mess up - dream fondly of my own premature demise - clean up. Times like this is great to be single because you don't have anyone else to see you at your lowest... but it's also really frustrating because I would love some sprite and I'm out of cough drops and the alka selzer severe congestion stuff and there's nobody to run out and get that stuff for me today since Austin still doesn't drive, my mom quit driving and Pop's got stuff to do today. 

Somewhere in the middle of all of this - around Friday night - my front tooth broke. I have this nasty, hillbilly looking missing quarter of my front tooth and I can't do a thing about it until next week. It is humiliating. Honestly, right now... I'm about as humiliated as you can be. I feel awful. I can't breathe. We had to pass up on our visitation with Cosette today  because we can't have her in the house with all of this going on. I don't know who gave whom the strep but either way... she doesn't need anything else on top of strep and we definitely don't want her to catch bronchitis/pneumonia or whatever else is lurking in my lungs and we DEFINITELY don't want her to catch the upset stomach (which, to be fair, may be a delayed reaction to the antibiotic in my system because it is strong). 

Thanksgiving is in two days. I've got two days to get myself pulled together. Thank heavens the cleaning lady changed the sheets on the bed in my unused bedroom on Friday so I don't have to spread any germs doing that. I'll give the bathroom a good final scrub down on Wednesday night since Ryan and Sara will be staying down here on Thursday night. I'm trying to stay away from my mom as much as I can. I'm drinking a lot. Up until yesterday my appetite was still pretty good. Last night that went South, along with everything in my body. But I'm drinking 2 or 3 beverages at a time to keep hydrated. I'm sleeping tons. I've been asleep more than awake for the past three days. Since Cosette's parents mutually decided that it was best to keep Cosy away from Typhoid Nana that gives me two more days of precious rest. 

I feel bad for falling off the earth blogging wise but it just has been impossible to focus enough to write words. I'm still not up to my usual level of communication but it's better today. 

Other than being a migraining, mucus generator riddled with strep last week... we had our mediation over Cosette's custody and things went really well. The idea is for us to share custody as we can mutually agree but if we don't agree, our default plan is for her to be with us Tuesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday. In six months we start transitioning to overnights with Cosy but Tasha and Austin both agree that won't happen until we're certain that she can and will sleep here. Lately she hasn't been napping as well with us. We made some adjustments to child support until Austin goes back to work - he's still not working - that's a whole 'nother post that I'm not ready to write. All in all, the mediation went well and I think we all feel encouraged that we can give Cosette a good, stable life that includes a lot of people who love her. 

Anyways... not proofreading this so please overlook any typos, things out of context, incomplete thoughts, etc. Please pray for me to be well very soon. I've had so many Christmas seasons wrecked by respiratory illness and I really don't this to be another one. I want to be well SO bad! Thanks! Love and (no hugs so as not to spread my crud). 


Sharon said...

When you said how bad you were throwing up and feeling like exploding that was me when I had pnumonia. One night I ran to the bathroom so fast my foot slipped on the bathmat and hit the counter. Bruised my arm, side and cheekbone. One night I had to crawl to the bathroom throwing up on the way. PLEASE go to the hospital! I got so dehydrated it took 3 bags of fluids. I was told tea does not count as fluids,only Water,OJ or sports drinks. It was water and crackers for me. We were lucky and caught mine early enough to let me recover at home and not in a hospital. Mine started as a cold that went into bronchitis in one week and pneumonia a week later. So far you sound just like what I went thru. Trust me if it is what you have get treated ASAP. You don't meet to be as weak as I was. "Christ"mas is coming and you will need your streanth to hold your grand babies. It took me a month to fully recover. One week of that was getting able to stand five min without needing to sit.

monica said...

Well your plate is full.
Strep throat is bad enough but it sounds like you have way more going on.
Sleep will probably do you the most good with lots of liquid etc.
No time is a good time to be down like this, but you have to get yourself
taken care of.
The broken tooth is just the unfair icing on the cake. That's just wrong.
I'm sorry that you are feeling this lousy but I hope you can get the rest
you need & somehow get the drug store items you need to help you feel
Stay warm and rest up.
xo Monica

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