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Friday, June 5, 2009

weekend countdown

8:30 -Music playing on the office radio - "Got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu" And nine hours until my weekend begins! It's the weekend count-down! Had fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonalds for breakfast. Drinking water - goal today is four bottles. Shirley brought me "man-mover discs" (as seen on tv) so that I can rearrange my bedroom. My goal is to turn Austin's little used bedroom (he always falls asleep on the couch) into a den/library/guest room and to move all of the little used/unused furniture out of my bedroom (such as bookshelf and tv shelf that was not sturdy enough to hold my tv). I still need a dresser… my stuff is in rubbermaid containers. After all these years I still have that "newlywed" feel to my bachlorette pad. "if this ain't love baby, let me know…" A couple of my facebook friends do trivia questions as status updates. There was one this morning asking where the term golf originated. I knew the answer (Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden) and answered right away. This girl accused me of googling the answer. I'm like… first of all- heiffer - I don't have time in the mornings to spend googling random trivia answers and secondly - AS IF - I need to! I know stuff. I was like - is this a joke? In other facebook drama - there are these three sisters that I grew up with. The youngest added pictures to her facebook profile and made the caption, "me - home alone" and her older sister left a comment that it wasn't a good idea to advertise that she was alone. The younger sister flipped out… she has left all kind of facebook status updates about how people need to get out of her business and grow up and so on. I was like… wow… get a real issue! If I got upset every time someone made a suggestion that something I did wasn't a good idea, I'd need anger management!
8:45 - with 8 hours and 45 minutes to go until my weekend! I need to make a walmart run on lunch today for lightbulbs, bleach, toilet paper, rubber gloves - I've got to clean the spare bathroom. It had a little toilet overflow issue that Austin was supposed to clean up and didn't. It smells like raw sewage in there but it has to be cleaned. Cory is coming tomorrow to unstop the toilet for me - don't want to poison him. I think I'll also get some clothespins so the smell doesn't bother me as much. I started to work on it last night and decided that I needed protection against germs. It's also time to pick up my prescription refills. I keep forgetting to stop by the Rite-Aid. "Purty little love song… can't be wrong".
9:00 Just had a client stop by to use our phone.
She had forgotten her cellphone and was supposed to call her husband to meet her for breakfast after she was finished at the doctor. Small town. Had a brief "staff meeting" to talk about food. It's national donut day. Theresa's husband is a cop. We talked about what we had for dinner last night. It was Ginger's anniversary so her husband fixed a special meal for them. I had salad from the salad bar at ingles. It was REALLY good and much better for me than the fried chicken and banana pudding I had planned to get from the Cottage House. We talked about ambien eating… for me last night it was sugar pops with skim milk, as evidenced by the cereal bowl on the floor beside the bed this morning.
9:15 Duane's wife and daughter are here. They're both cutie-patooties! "I want you, I need you. There ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you… now don't be sad… cuz two out of three ain't bad". That's such a mean song, if you ask me!
9:30 "Got to be startin' somethin'" I'm totally desk dancing… next best thing to office karaoke is desk dancing. "You're in my heart, you're in my soul, you'll be my friend should I grow old…" Best reality check in my life: the bathroom mirror here at the office. You can see yourself while sitting on the toilet. Nothing like getting a glimpse of all the buddha rolls and cellulite to make you realize you don't need to celebrate National Donut Day. I haven't. Celebrated, I mean. Just found a text message from Ryan from 7pm last night. Yep. I'm on top of things. I'm really excited about the Tony Awards on Sunday. I'm trying to familiarize myself with all the nominated shows so that I can be more greatly invested. I found out yesterday that Theresa has never been to a play. Ever. How does that happen? I sang a little bit of Suddenly Seymour for her… we were talking about Ginger's plant that is growing like Audrey II after a massacre. I had to give her the context since she was unfamiliar with the show… I know that my off-key renditions are not going to win any musical theatre converts… but I do like telling the stories. There are some great stories out there.
9:45 "Lady love… " I love lyrics of songs. I hear the lyrics more than the tune. Seven hours and 45 minutes until my weekend. Yippee! My weight loss goal for tomorrow is to have lost one pound. I've gone into greater details in my weight loss blog because there's just some stuff that needs to be for a smaller, more controlled group of people. Seriously, though, I need to be able to be candid somewhere. This blog has a lot of lurkers and they're not all "Pro-Heather" and I don't want those very vulnerable bits and pieces of my life to be subject to criticism. Obviously, based on the last three years, harsh criticism of my exercise and eating habits does not lead to healthy results. I calculated that I gained sixty pounds in the last three years. That's a third grader! Little wonder I am tired all the time! Sixty pounds sounds huge… like, "how could you do that?" But then again… when you break it down… it's about a pound and two thirds a month gain. That creeps up easily! Especially if you're distracted by… well, the things I was distracted by. So my goal is a pound a week… I don't need to be thin. I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm just trying to stop the pound and two thirds a month from creeping on… and I'm trying to make sure I don't die of a heart attack at 45. I've fought too hard to live to let fat kill me. "To really love a woman… to understand her … you've got to know her deep inside". It looks like I'll be down about two pounds for tomorrow. I'm pleased with that. That's how I lost weight last time - a little bit at a time - slow and steady. I just set an appointment for noon to sell some homeowners insurance. They're already insured here so there's no bonus potential, unless she buys life insurance. I just happened to answer the phone and she had no preference of which agent she saw so I volunteered. I usually go to lunch at 12:30 - I don't mind going later - makes my afternoon shorter. Yesterday when I went to lunch it seemed like half of Habersham County had been turned loose in Cornelia. I will be happy to go at some time other than the noon hour.
10:00 seven and a half hours to go. Tick. Tick. Tick. Reading the News Hub on State Farm Intranet. Always has great, relevant articles about our industry.
10:15 Reading article about how teens are texting an average of 80 times a day… and how humans have a need to unplug and not be distracted by constant communication. Just got a calendar update. Kevin's leaving early today, using comp time. He and Shirley are our most consistent as far as attendance goes. Theresa has an auto immune disorder so she has to miss sometimes due to this health issue. Ginger's out a lot. I miss FAR less than I used to because I can't afford not to be at work but I'll never be a perfect attendance kind of girl. I'm just not wired that way. Balance. This place can sustain itself without me and sometimes I need down time. It's weird, I always feel guilty about the fact that I don't make a lot of phone calls, even when I should… and I don't answer the phone if I don't feel like talking… I can be downright anti-social… but I just have this intense need to NOT have to communicate sometimes, especially in the evenings after I've been communicating all day. I don't think I'm introverted… I'm not shy… I'm certainly not reserved… but I do like to have quiet time. I WAS STARVING and had a nice salad in the fridge so I pulled that out and am eating lunch now. I'm trying to respond to hunger in a reasonable and healthy manner instead of waiting until I'm famished and no longer capable of responsible choices. Salad is yummy!
10:30 seven hoursmmm… salad… has field greens, chickpeas, radishes, sunflower seeds, eggs, dried cranberries, lite sesame ginger dressing… odd how much I really love healthy stuff and yet I so rarely "treat" myself to it.
just read an article about how Georgia prisons don't serve lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and how family members think that's cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously? One mother quoted how she has to provide her son $60 a week for him to buy instant soups, cheese, beef sticks and other snacks. Her son committed armed robbery. Here's what I think needs to happen to limit prison expenses: legalize drugs and let those who abuse drugs face their own natural consequences. Lock people up for crimes against society. Remove the dangerous criminals off the streets and let those people who just harm themselves go. We would save billions of dollars. We could probably afford national healthcare (for those who think that's a good idea). And honestly, if someone in prison is going hungry, I'm not too heartbroken about it. I struggle to stretch a dollar to put food on the table - Austin can tell you that we have a lot of beans and ramen weeks - and I haven't done anything other than love and try to be loved in return to land me in my financial hardship.
11:00 Just added a vehicle. Talking about what the different types of bankruptcy are - liquidation vs. repayment. Oh, the things you can learn at work! By the way, in case you were wondering - chapters 7 and 11 are liquidation, chapter 13 is repayment. In case you were wondering.
11:15 Finished my salad. It was awesome. It was supposed to be my lunch. I guess I'll do something else light for lunch, it will be a little later than usual. Cory is not definite for tomorrow. I'm ok either way. It would be great to have some honey-do help but I am getting by ok. Either way, I'm doing some deep cleaning at the castle this weekend.
Closing in on six hours until the weekend... tick tick tick


Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Jeanne said...

WOW....that was intense. (lol) I have radio in my office now too and I am singing all day long! Then other people come into my office and they start singing too! Music is AWESOME!!! Really puts a spring into the day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Hope you have a good weekend. I would like to ask to be included in your Weight loss journal. I am doing WW and my goal is to lose 2lbs a week. I also have a weight loss journal although I need to update it. I do read your journal regularly and love it. I don't post alot. I hope you include me with your WL journal. Thanks Julie