My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

not a whiny wednesday... life is too good.

I'm starting to realize that my needs are simple. A nice cup of coffee in the morning... a cooperative teenager who gets up for school without argument... a car that starts... a good day at work... a peaceful picnic lunch... a sense of accomplishment... a fully stocked fridge... a small dinner... a clean kitchen... and a good night's sleep. Simple, right?

I could throw in a few bonus details... a sweet kitty who curls up beside me... kind friends who call and check in on me... decent pain control... the perfect pillow height... something good to watch on tv... a little time on facebook playing my favorite games... still, all very simple needs.

I sat in my nest last night flipping channels between American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. Austin had cleaned the kitchen before going to a friend's house to swim. I reflected over the day... which had been painful at times but the time flew by. I reflected over the people in my life... a phone call to grandma in the morning... texting with Cody during the day... pleasant conversation with co-workers and clients... my life is good. It's really good.

And although I guess there are more things that I could wish for... a little cabin of my own... a newer car... a kid whose grades are better... more time with Purple Michael and my older boys... a happily ever after kind of mate... things could be better, I guess, but things in my life are really good. Better than a lot of other things I can remember going through. There is pain. There is struggle. There are days - most days - that I'm battling exhaustion by the end of the day. But life is still really good.

I watched the Casey Anthony trial and listened to the horrendous accusations against her dad. I was proud to know that I have a daddy who is so honorable that if anyone said anything bad about him, nobody would believe it.

I thought about the frustration Casey probably felt as a young mom who still wanted to go out and "party" and have fun... and I was glad for a mom who completely supported me when I was a young mom... who was always there to help. And I was grateful that God gave me such a devoted heart to my children... I was so madly in love with them that I wanted to be with them more than I wanted to be anywhere else when they were babies... toddlers... preschoolers.

So many lives have been torn upside down, literally, by tornadoes this spring. On the other side of the world, lives have been completely erased by earthquake and tsunami. My home is safe. My life is stable. My income is reliable. I am fed. I am loved. I am healthy enough to work most days. I am not in a romance but I am loved.

Whiny Wednesday? No. Not for me. Life is too good.
Love and hugs, y'all.