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My People
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

thankful Thursday

I can hardly believe it's Thursday already. I've slept so much of this week away... I'd be lying if I told ya I hated it... I mean, yeah, I wish I had more energy and I wish I wasn't dragging so bad and I wish I wasn't hurting but... mmmm... I love a good nap and I've had one almost every day this week. I love a good early bedtime and I've had one of those every single day this week. I've missed all my regular prime time shows because I was asleep before 8pm every night and... I like it... I don't care what the blog trolls think... to me, it's simple: if you're tired, go to bed.

So on this thankful Thursday, I'm thankful for my cozy nest, my comfy bed, my soft sheets, my pile of pillows and for the ability to sleep, deep, delicious restorative sleep.

Yesterday at work I had three different customers tell me how much they appreciate ME... not just the company, not just our agency but ME, my efforts, the things I help them do. One even said, "Heather, you're just an angel"... *straightening my halo*... I'm not sure I'm exactly an angel but I can be fairly creative when it comes to making payments affordable when people are struggling. Sometimes I think that I was allowed to live on a tight budget so that I could empathize with others who are similarly situated.

I also had a super creepy guy come in... this guy has asked me out several times and I always *gently* turn him down. This time he came in rambling and not making any kind of sense... saying things like "if anyone tells you I've got a kid, they're lying... I wanna see the dna evidence" and then he said something about "I wouldn't ever date anyone who was still married because that's just asking for trouble"... and then he said, "I better get some good life insurance because I've got better insurance on my truck than anyone else"... trust me, I figured if he was in the mood for life insurance, I'd better sell him some... but when I started quoting it, he was talking out of his head about with all that insurance on his truck it better pay to bury him too. It honestly shook me up... oh, and he said, "I can help you out with things around your house if you give me your address" and when I told him that we were fine, that the landlord takes care of things he said, "yeah, you have to be careful because if you give a man your address he might come by and do things you don't want him to do"... Totally freaked me out. He would start to leave and then think of something else and come back. Really bizarre.

Like the woman who bought insurance from me last week and fell asleep sitting at my desk. TWICE! Apparently my sales pitch is boring... although Holly said she had been behind the lady at a stoplight and she fell asleep there too. You just never know what kind of folks you're going to come across. Keeps things interesting. I'm definitely thankful for my job... sometimes it's painful sitting there ... and sometimes I get stressed out... but for the most part, it's rewarding and entertaining!

Today I'm thankful for... friends who check in on me to make sure I'm ok... my awesome strong coffee... my laptop... my satellite... my cozy nest... my comfy bed... peanut butter and banana sandwiches... good hair days... spring time... sunshine... my car that is almost paid off and still running... and so much more...

Must start the glam routine... love and hugs, y'all!


Red*Hot@52! said...

glad you were able to make it to work yesterday and are going in today....I know it helps take your mind off the pain when you stay busy!

I pray for you to continue to be able to deal with the pain and limitations that it presents to you....