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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, December 23, 2011

friday update. I think it's friday. I've lost track...

I'm not feeling so hot today. Seriously... I have barely been out of bed. The worst part so far has been the places where they had tubes in me during surgery... my throat is raw and I can tell exactly where that stupid catheter went. I've got cotton mouth from the meds and I am congested.

So that's all the news from the nest. Ha!

Not really. There's more. My mom bought a really cool purple tree and decorated it. Trouble the cat seems to have a little more respect for the bigger tree than he did for the little pink tree. He hasn't attempted to knock this one down. We have pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet because I've been mostly in bed.

If a doctor tells you that the surgery you're about to have is "the most painful surgery we do"... take him seriously. There was no exaggeration in that statement. Even with the pain pump delivering constant local anesthesia... and the demerol... I'm still feeling a good deal of pain. You should see how pitiful I am with all the tubing from the pain pump taped all around my body and the little bowl of medicine in a little pouch hanging off my neck. Sad day.

I haven't really regained my appetite which is probably a good thing, right? Last night we had chicken enchiladas from the little bakery in town. They have these pre-packaged meals that are made by the sweet ladies that work there... it's like stuff you would take to a potluck dinner. The meals are not as cheap as what you could get in the grocery store but they're much better tasting and cheaper than what it would cost me to buy the ingredients and cook them. Not to mention that I can't really do much of  anything at the moment. It's also cheaper than getting take out food. If you're local-  near me-you'll have to try them out. 

I can't believe that Christmas is only two days away. The present that I was most excited about for my daughter in law hasn't come yet. I ordered it from Kohl's online. I'm fairly bummed about that.

My mom and Austin have been really good about taking care of me. I'm uncomfortable but they're doing everything they can to make me comfortable. It's just going to take time, I guess. They say that the third day is always the worst. I'm sore like I've been in a car wreck.

Sorry for whining so much when it's not even Wednesday. Using the year end to fix your rear end is no fun at all. Keep me in your prayers.

Also, keep sweet Linda's daughter Mandy in your prayers. Mandy had a procedure done and ended up with sepsis. She's in critical condition... young lady, in her twenties... and very, very sick. My heart is so heavy for their family.

I have two little bouquets of flowers in little teacups on saucers. Really precious. Can you tell that the demerol is making me a little a.d.d.?

That's all for now. Love and hugs, y'all.