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My People
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whiny Wednesday ( I think... I've lost track)

I haven't been a faithful blogger this week. I was trying to spare you the moaning, groaning, belly-aching and misery. I've really just pulled all my pain inside and have just been trying to do the best I can to get ready to get back to work as soon as I can. It's not been pretty! Nor have I been pretty... I'm not sure I even combed my hair yesterday. I did change my drawers because the site where the pain pump goes in has been oozing icky slime for the past two days. The surgeon says this is normal. Excessive bodily fluids are not normal. He also said if there was infection the broad spectrum antibiotic he gave me during and after surgery would take care of things. It's next to impossible to pee so I get up a half dozen times to try before it works. Every time I poo I have to immediately get into the tub to make sure everything gets cleaned up ... there are so many little surgical sites that I want to make sure we get all the nooks and crannies cleaned up. So afraid of infection.

And in between... I sleep... I play a few games (but not many because I can't find a comfy position to use my laptop).. but sleep helps better than anything. They called in a prescription for ultram for me because I was running out of demerol and none of the Physicians Assistant's on call can prescribe whatever class of medication that is in . I'm just basically having to tough it out so I use sleep as a barrier to pain.

I wish my mama was still up here. She did such a good job of taking care of things. I really could rest and not worry about Austin doing something stupid - like leaving the door open where the cats can get out. I didn't have to talk to anyone. She kept my place clean and quiet and I could just rest. It was the best time I've had with my mom in a long time. I'm grateful she was able to come and stay and grateful that she was willing. She never complained. Jim and Angie and the girls came over yesterday and when I told him how much help mama was, he said, "I can go get her if you want me to.... "

Jim and Angie brought the girls in for us to exchange gifts and it was so much fun. I love how my family has brought Christmas to me, where I am, in my nest. I think that's a great example of the love that surrounds me. I'm blessed.

And then my sweet friend Pam went out and picked up a few odds and ends that we had run out of - things like trash bags- and picked up a prescription for me.

I haven't left the house in a week but I haven't been alone... and I think that's really awesome.

Ok... new pain meds kicking in... I've lost my train of thought... I pray that wherever you are, whatever you're facing, that you're not alone. *hugs*


Pamela Walden said...

Maybe if would be good for your mom to come back for a few days if she's available and willing! Mom's are the best--so glad you have a good relationship with yours!

When I had some pretty big knee surgery in 2005, my mother and dad came to north Alabama to take care of me for a week. My children were very young then and needed lots of attention--and remember that my husband wasn't helpful at all--mainly got upset w/my parents for being there! Should have asked him to leave! Anyway, good times, even in the midst of icky surgeries! I hope today is a better day for you. I'm so glad you have plenty of time off from work to recuperate.

Pamela Walden said...

Can you get more Demerol b4 the year is out? Dr.'s office should be open now, right?! Will be happy to pick up for you--I have no plans for today--might even get another cheap shopping spree at Rite-Aid--who knows?!