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My People
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ways The DVR Has Changed My Life

I'm going to skip my usual sarcastic "Singles Awareness Day" blog post. Valentine's Day applies to my life about as much as Ramadan. Not beating that dead horse. I am, however, excited about the holiday tomorrow - Half Price Chocolate Day.

My sister-in-law and nieces came over for dinner tonight. Pop made spaghetti and garlic bread, salad and pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream. It was a GREAT meal for Valentine's Day! Afterwards Angie and I took a little drive to her house to pick up the Valentines she (or the girls, more likely) forgot. There is still an awful lot of snow around and I love the way it outlines the topography. I'm going to have to go out tomorrow and take some photos, assuming the snow hangs around overnight.

I've been watching Men's Figure Skating all day. It was really only on from about 10am this morning until 2pm this afternoon. The evening telecast from the Olympics is just a recap. To see the entire event you have to watch during the day. So I just DVR'd it and I've been watching a little here and there throughout the day. It's actually better when you can see the worst performances and not just a few of the top competitors. You get a much better appreciation for how amazing the medal winners really are.

I love having a DVR. I didn't think I would ever use it - especially since I'm home almost all the time. I never used a VCR to record shows back in the day. During the Darby Days we had TiVo, at least part of the time and I never learned how to use it. I'm not terribly savvy with the latest technology. Or technology that's ten years old that I just learned how to use. But the DVR has changed my life! Here's how:

  • I can answer nature's call whenever it calls. I don't wait for a commercial. I just pause my program. 
  • I spend the first few minutes of a show getting a drink, fixing something to eat, tidying up, feeding the cats... and then when I start back watching the show I can fast forward through commercials. 
  • If two shows are on at the same time that I want to watch... I watch one and DVR the other. 
  • DVR shows fill in the gap during morning tv. I hate morning tv. It's all fluff and TMI. 
  • If someone comes into the room during  a part of a show that I want to see... I just pause the show until they're gone. I can interact with the 3-D people in the house without missing anything on tv!
  • There's, of course, the main use of the DVR - to record shows that come on when I'm not home. It's not often but it does happen. 

I'm still reading a very thick history of the show Saturday Night Live. It's pretty interesting. I think I'm going to go to the library tomorrow to trade in the books I've already read for a few more books.

I'm also doing well with my campaign to kick ambien to the curb. I had a little trouble going to sleep last night but I also had a good bit more pain yesterday. I'm aching pretty badly tonight... every joint is hot and achy and the evil gut pain made an appearance today after leaving me alone for a little while. I'm really congested and it gets worse in the evenings. All that makes it hard to get to sleep but I'm still trying to only use the evil drugs when absolutely necessary.

Anyways... so that's my Friday. It's been a weird week. Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm and safe! Love and hugs!