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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Mother ‘Hood Official Video

I posted this on my Facebook but in case you missed it... you have to check out this very short video about the Sisterhood of Motherhood. It has a really sweet message.

Yesterday I had a visit with the doctor at the health clinic. I'm linking to the clinic here because THIS is truly affordable health care! It amazes me that something like this exists in our little small town. They handle people who have chronic illnesses who slip between the cracks of any other type of health care - not old enough for medicare, too old for medicaid, unable to afford individual health care anywhere. And although most of the people who staff the clinic are unpaid volunteers, they treat you with compassion and respect even beyond what I've experienced when I had insurance. I get treatment for my high blood pressure (it's holding steady) and high cholesterol (increased meds) and they address other situations within their very limited ability and funding.

Last year when I first told them about the Evil Gut Pain the nurse said they see a lot of people who have obviously surgical situations but they couldn't do any kind of diagnostic work because they didn't have access to ultrasounds and so forth. Six months ago the doctor got on my case pretty hard core about the fact that I had not yet gotten treatment about it. Kinda made me cry a little. He had me go to the Health Department for an exam - which I did. And their story was pretty much the same, they didn't have access to any diagnostic equipment. I could have a free mammogram but... the affordable health care act removed funding from the health department that might have enabled them to diagnose me. As it was, I paid $75 for a pelvic exam which was basically inconclusive. And... have just waited.

At the beginning of this year I received a gift from a family member to help resolve that nasty old EGP. Then I was sort of paralyzed. It's a very generous gift but in the world of health care, money doesn't go far. I wanted to get some guidance from the clinic on how to proceed. DO I go to a gyn, assuming that it's low so it must be female in nature? Do I go back to the general surgeon who did my last surgery? He handles a lot of stuff but he is also VERY expensive. Like... $500 for an office visit expensive. So while I was seeing the doctor yesterday I asked what he suggested and much to my surprise he said that the clinic now has access to ultrasound and CT scans which - even if we can't get a diagnosis, we can eliminate anything big and scary. They scheduled me for an ultrasound on February 3rd and if that is inconclusive they'll send me for a CT scan. What's great about that is that it falls before my next appointment at the pain clinic and they will also have access to those findings. The Pain Doctors know more about every little thing that ails me than even I remember sometimes. I trust them. I just wish they weren't so expensive.

The clinic doctor outlined several things it *could* be but based on his exam yesterday and last July, he feels it's an ovarian cyst. Just knowing what it is will be such a huge help for me. Pain is so much worse when you don't understand why it hurts.

Last night I woke up and had to go to the potty. When I stood up, my legs were so numb! I was really shaky and didn't feel like my legs were going to support me. I had been asleep in the recliner which is usually the most spine friendly option for me. I know that what's wrong with my back is a degenerative condition - meaning it will get worse. It just was a bit unsettling to get a peek at what's to come.

IN other news... Austin made cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron tonight. They cook TONS faster than in the oven and the melted glaze fit neatly inside the little waffle squares.

I have had lovely conversations (via messenger) with my brother's fiancee this week discussing things like which shoes my nieces are wearing as Jr. Bridesmaids. Aunt Helen picked out some awesome ballet flats that are perfect for pre-teens and I was able to pull it up on my laptop and let them pick their color (from between two choices - I mean... red glitter flats are SO last season! Can't exactly turn them loose in a virtual shoe store, can we?)

I'm also thinking about what I'm wearing for the wedding. I have several things that would be appropriate, I think but I've got to make sure they still fit and all that.

Speaking of whether things fit... I promised to send my daughter-in-law some of my old tshirts that are too small for me but would be perfectly comfy for a pregnant woman. Have I mentioned? We're at 26 weeks for Cosette and Friday will be 15 weeks for peanut!

And... with that... I'm out of steam! Hope your week is going well. Love and hugs, Heather