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My People
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's Up?

Hello February! You came in like a wrecking ball, didn't you? I don't really mean that. I mean, yes, this month - as in this one day - started with crazy gut pain - which I have decided is the new name for the evil gut pain. I refuse to allow anything that evil to dwell within me, as much as I can help. So pain wise it's wrecked but maybe I'll get the worst part out of the way and the rest of the month will be smooth sailing. Could happen, couldn't it?

This month is going to be busy so I hope it's mostly pain-free. Austin has a job interview tomorrow morning. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. I have my eligibility appointment for the free clinic - have to qualify every year - on Wednesday. By Thursday I'll be ready to introvert for the rest of the month. But I'm hopeful we can make it down for Baby Peanut's next appointment and then Cosette has two appointments next week - to the regular OB and to the specialist. I have an appointment with the pain doctor in the third week of the month and have to repeat lab work for the clinic on the 25th. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all.

Guess what we got in the mail this week? Our Save the Date for my brother's wedding! They had the cutest little bicycles underneath the return address since they both like to ride bikes. I couldn't blur the address without blurring the bikes too so I can't share but trust me, adorable!

We are not sure exactly when we'll be "up North" for the wedding. We have a place reserved for us in Old Lyme for the days immediately surrounding the nuptial activities but I'd also really, really like to spend some time in New York. There's a part of me that kind of feels like I won't have the mobility to travel easily in the future. I definitely have my concerns about this trip but am going to count on adrenaline and excitement to propel me forward. It's not EASY to walk for long but I still CAN. I still CAN climb stairs even though it doesn't feel good. I don't know how much longer I can do that sort of thing. I feel like if I can travel one day and maybe do a little sight-seeing/merry-making the next and spread it out, I'll be able to get more in. I never got to see Central Park on my last visit and I'd really like to be able to experience my nieces' first Broadway show with them. I have a mental list of ancestral places that I'd like to see and I'd love to see the new 9-11 Memorial. It was a hole in the ground the last time I was there. Ultimately though, I'm kind of just at the mercy of my travel companions so I'll go and do whatever we go and do and be delighted to be a part of it.

I was messaging back and forth with the lovely bride last week discussing shoes for my - soon to be OUR - nieces. They're wearing ballet flats which got a huge thumbs up from Aunt Heather since I HATE high heels.

I wore heels in Jim and Angie's wedding (20 short years ago!). I can't remember if we picked out our own or if it was matchy-matchy for all the bridesmaids but my feet were killing me! I slipped my foot out of my shoe during a prayer and could not FIND MY SHOE under my dress to slip it back on. My grandmother thought I had gotten ill because I was wiggling around trying to get my foot back into that shoe!
 I've shared this photo before but it's been awhile. From left to right it's my brothers David, Bryan, Michael with my boys Cody and Ryan in front of them. Then Angie and Jim in the middle (bride and groom) and then my mom, my dad, my dad's mom - Grandma Leta who is still living and my mom's mom, Grandma Pennington who passed away in 1998 and then my kids' dad and lastly me holding baby Austin. You can't see my shoes but trust me, high heels. The shoes Helen picked out for the girls are going to be perfectly comfortable for them.

Today Bryan and Helen found out that the apartment beside Bryan's was on the market. They made an offer and it was accepted! It will enable them to enjoy the rental income for that apartment until they need it and then whenever they expand their family they will be able to expand their apartment! I think my mom and I are as excited about the possibility of little Bryans and Helens running around as we are about the wedding. We didn't think he'd ever want kids or be in a relationship that would welcome kids. The first thing post proposal I asked was, "will there be kids?". I'm pretty sure I said "congratulations" first. Pretty sure. He's a great pet parent and he's a really good uncle - I mean, doll shopping, hello??? He'll make a really good, very practical and pragmatic parent. Some day. Before I die, please.

And of course, Cody's wedding I wore heels and was absolutely miserable. I limped out to the car to get my flipflops and just absolutely could not possibly walk all the way back to the reception hall to slip out of my spanx/pantyhose to slip on flipflops. Thus we have this lovely photo of me in the back seat of Purple Michael's car trying to get out of spanx. Ever tried to take off spanx in a back seat? Don't answer that.

I have the Super Bowl pregame stuff on the tv. I'm not really watching it, it's just background noise but I did enjoy John Legend singing America The Beautiful. Every time I hear that song I think of Hayley Mills singing it in the movie Pollyanna. For some reason America The Beautiful sounds better with an English accent. Go figure. For the record I don't have an opinion on who will win and I don't really care who does. Unless it's absolutely a barn burner I'll be switching the channel for Downton Abbey.

Indulge me a cat picture.... Little Kitty is my constant companion. He mostly just likes the body heat and being petted and brushed but I really believe that he has learned to do the things I want him to do as a trade-off. I read something about cats really not liking people to touch their paws but I always say, "where are my kisses?" and he bows his head under my chin for me to kiss him on the head. Then I say, "hold mommy's hand" and he submits to having his paw in my hand. It may just be a reflex but honestly, I think he reciprocates my adoration for him. It's the sweetest thing!

And I guess that's about it for this update. Hope you enjoy your Super Bowl watching (or not watching) and have a great week next week! Love and hugs!


Wendy in Oz said...

Heather the excitement for your brothers wedding and trip to New York brings tears to my eyes! With babies on the way, a new sister in law and a trip to New York the icing on the cake would be to sort out this terrible gut pain. My prayers are with you for a little miracle in that department real soon. Look forward to the fun times