My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random Weekend / Week Beginning Stuff

Eddie, Lily, Oscar and Lady
My Little Kitty has a bad habit of sticking his paw in my mug of tea. Whatever diseases you can pick up via cat paws, I probably have. I try to stop him but he's pretty sneaky, especially if he thinks it's mealtime and I haven't fed him.

Lily the old dog has gone out to pasture. My dad and Austin took her to the vet on Friday and had her put down. She had been sick for so long that she had lost over half her body weight and was just skin and bones. It was time but still so sad not to see her sweet, trusting face. Or have to have the gate up to keep her from wandering downstairs looking for water... or to step in wet spots she left behind.

Eddie the cat misses Lily the most. She was his best friend. Last night he climbed up in my lap like he needed comfort. I gave it to him for a few minutes but then my leg went numb. That is one FAT cat!

Lily and Eddie last week
Little Kitty came to live with us on July 5, 2011. My friend Tami that I have known since middle school was living part time in Riverdale (where Little Kitty was) and Cleveland (where I was) and she agreed to bring him to us. He was only with us a few hours before the house was struck by lightning and caught fire. Ironically on Friday night Tami's house caught fire and sustained significant damage. They have good friends and good insurance and I know that in the end it will all be ok. I also know that the time span between catastrophe and recovery is way longer than anyone wants it to be. Keep her and her husband in your prayers.

On Thursday I went with Tasha to her appointment with the regular OB. The ultrasound showed that Cosette is only a couple of days behind - down from a few weeks last month. In a month she caught back up and gained up to 2 and a half pounds. On Friday we went to the special OB just to make sure that scan was accurate and they confirmed - Cosette is no longer considered small for gestational age. She went from being breech to being head down and Tasha has done a great job of keeping her blood pressure down and her weight where it should be. Tasha is still considered high risk due to some of her health factors and will be having twice weekly ultrasounds from 30 weeks on. Fortunately the ultrasounds can be done at the regular OB instead of having to drive an hour to the specialist. My dad was a good sport and drove us on Friday because my pain was pretty intense and I was afraid to assume the responsibility of getting us all there and back safely.

Eddie and Lily
I'm scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow to try to determine what's causing the Crazy Gut Pain but we're expecting wintry precipitation here - snow, sleet, freezing rain of undetermined proportions. Because the Imaging Center is about 45 minutes South of us, I'm not really comfortable making the trip. I wouldn't be able to determine if the weather is getting bad at home and... well, you know, we live on a steep slope and all that. I don't ever believe the weather forecasts from the local Atlanta news stations because they have a tendency to lean toward dramatization to increase ratings. I go to and Although I suppose it's not a great idea to trust the government either these days. At any rate I've been steadily monitoring the weather reports since yesterday and they have ranged from "the sky is falling" to "cold rain". I may postpone that appointment for no reason at all and that aggravates me because I would have loved to have those results before I go to the pain doctor on Wednesday but... I'm not going to risk it. I'm just not up for the excitement. I just wish it would stop - the pain. I mean, yeah, the weather too because I'm not up for the drama but... whatever will be will be.

Eddie, Stubby and Little Kitty 
I spent yesterday transcribing an interview that my brother had done for his doctorate work. I've never done that kind of thing before but I do type fast so it should have been quick work. It took me about six hours to transcribe half an hour of talking. I don't think it was supposed to take that long. I think about doing things like that for a living but the truth is that I really don't see how I would make much money that way. It was my brother's voice - that I've heard all my life - and a guy from Texas who did have a bit of a twang but it wasn't radically different from most people around here. And of course I realized how woefully inadequate my punctuation and capitalization skills are (as most of you are well aware!).

What else can I tell you about life around here lately? It seems like time flies by so quickly! I spent today watching a mini-marathon of Mad Men and Book TV while cross-stitching and then dress shopping online. We have to find dresses for me and mom for the wedding and wedding activities. I probably have suitable clothes but we're shopping anyways, blessed with a little gift from a family member who didn't want us to look like kuntry done come to town up there with the classy folks. It's fun window shopping. Tonight I'm watching The Bachelor not because it's worth watching but out of that whole "train wreck" curiosity.

Yesterday I managed to avoid all "Singles Awareness Day" references. I just so very much don't even care about romance and all of that. I figure I've had more adventures than most people have in three lifetimes so I can't complain. Being single means watching The Bachelor without apology, going an extra day without washing my hair, not shaving my legs and going to sleep at 7:30 at night if I want. I mean, I'm sure Happily Ever After is wonderful for those it happens for but it hasn't happened to me and I don't see any reason it would at this point since I'm not even trying.

And thus ends my random rambling for now. Stay safe, warm and content as much as you can. Love and hugs.