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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My List

After two weeks of unusual weather activity, with frozen rain, sleet, snow - you name it - I am officially ready FOR SPRING! I'm ready for more than just spring.... so I thought I'd make a mini-bucket list for the things I want and need to come to pass in my near future.

1. I want to get out of the house. I want to walk beyond the back patio. I want to smell fresh Spring air and drive through the county taking inventory of what has and hasn't changed over these long cold months. I want to see the things around this area that make me glad I live here and maybe even stop for lunch somewhere. I'm battling almost daily dizziness and pretty severe muscle spasms but I just want to get in the car and DRIIIIIVE!

2. I want to see my mom out on the lake in her paddle boat. She loves it and loves fishing and I think she's ready for the kind of therapy that only happens when it involves worms, hooks, fishing poles and a big sunhat. Since there wasn't a memorial service for her brother who passed away last week, she needs to get out and commune with nature and work those feelings that need closure in peace and quiet.

3. I'm ready to shave my legs. I may have to start with those clippers that cut mens' hair but I want soft and silky legs so I can wear my pretty Spring dresses. I've given away a few dresses this year trying to stretch Tasha's maternity wardrobe. She hasn't been able to build the wardrobe she wants and heck... there's not much out there in the plus size maternity department except in the high dollar stores. I buy most of my clothes in thrift stores so I have a lot of clothes. At least, I have enough clothes to share. I've got a lot of stuff that doesn't have clearly defined waists that can accommodate a whole lot of Cosette. I've got a pile of my "too smalls" set aside for Marquee, at least baggy tshirts to sleep in and such. (How did we get here from me shaving my legs? Oh well.) Dressing daughter-in-laws to the best of my ability and soon to be dressing itty bitties.

4. I'm ready to go baby shopping! Mawmaw and Pop are buying a pack & play for us to keep here so whenever Cosette and Oliver are visiting they'll have their own cozy little place. I think we need to get baby monitors too. We could use them as an intercom system even when the babies aren't here. I'm just ready to walk through aisles and aisles of baby paraphernalia and imagine it being worn by the two precious babies I can't wait to have born! I'm working on some burp clothes for Cosette - can't go into too much depth because it's a surprise. Or will be. If it works.

5. I'm ready for a big grocery run. January and February for me were both pretty miserable months because you know, pain and stuff. I try not to subject the villagers to my rage or risk being known as the village idiot because when I'm in pain I'm not nice, I'm stupid and scattered and say things I don't mean. Stuff comes out wrong. I'm awkward and I'm not used to being so weird. But mostly it's just been the pain that's kept me indoors. If mama and daddy are going to the store anyways, I just give them a list but... I really need to get out and go food shopping.

6. I've got to get my part of the menu for Tasha's shower sorted out. Tasha is 31 weeks pregnant today! Cosette will be here SOOOOO soon! Austin and Tasha seem to be bonding well and enjoying each other, he's getting along fine with her family and has mostly been with them for the past several weeks. He lost out on a job lead that was almost a sure bet because he failed the drug test. I'm frustrated... beyond frustrated. He must work. Somewhere. Somehow. He's got to do something. End of story.

7. I've got to dig through the old box of baby clothes that I have saved to see if there's anything remotely usable. I have two of my baby dresses saved to do photos with Cosette. I want to see if I have anything of my kids' dad's stuff that might work for Oliver.

8. I'm almost finished with the flower pillow I've been working on for about two months. It's a slow process lately. Everything is taking longer. Aging sucks. After that are two projects for Cosette, then a wedding project for Bryan and Helen, then a grandma book to fill out for Oliver, then a baby project for Oliver. I've got to get the cross-stitching amped back up to longer days to get it all in. AND... I'm working on a book of family history, trying to do it in the format of somewhere between a yearbook and a childrens' book. I want it to be easy to read, contain fun facts and family lore. In many ways I feel unworthy but... I want to leave something for my grandchildren so that they can know who they are. It's important.
9. I'm getting pretty frustrated at the blackout on information from the scans I had done almost two weeks ago. I need to know what's happening in my body because it's getting worse. Make me well people... or at the very minimum do no harm.

10. We've got to figure out our Wedding Agenda so we can start working on an itinerary. You have no idea how much it helps on the really bad pain days to have these babies and this wedding to look forward to. Just like having projects to work on gives me a tangible reminder of how I've spent my days because lately they're all looking the same. I've been online shopping for dresses for me and mom and although I haven't found anything yet, I'm enjoying the "window shopping".

There's more I could share but I'm getting sleepy... thanks for checking out my To-DO list. It's not the finest blog out there but I always like knowing what people are doing. This is what I'm doing or about to do.

Love and hugs y'all!


Wendy in Oz said...

Love that you keep yourself so busy or have so much to look forward to despite horrible pain issues. You're a champion Heather! Much love from down