My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Photo/Info Dump

Happy New Week today and Happy New Month tomorrow! This week started out about as good as any in a very long time. I got a call from Social Security confirming that things are moving right along, much faster than I expected. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am at the prospect of having my *own* money to spend! My family has been beyond generous and I have truly not wanted for anything, not in the least but being able to have a few little splurges... well, it's just awesome!

How cute is this baby girl? Seriously. She is growing her personality so much lately. If you say, "do you want to spend daddy's money?" she breaks out a huge smile. She's cuddling things, really loving her little chair/prop thing and getting so long that she's going to have to have a bigger car seat before long.

Today my newlywed brother turns 37.

Yesterday my middle child turned 25.

A few leaves here and there are showing the earliest hints of Fall and the air has just a tad cooler feel to it. There are flowers planted all along my porch and they've grown so big that they frame my view of the lake perfectly. There are even figs on my fig bush! I pity the deer who tries to steal my figs!

Uncle John and Aunt Gerri will soon be here for a visit so there will be lots of fishing... for the folks who like to fish, which isn't me but I still enjoy knowing that others are enjoying themselves. There's a house just down the road from us that is owned by their church (or something) so they can visit during the day and have their own space at night.

Last week I got my nieces to dance to the "Watch me whip and watch me nae nae" song. I have only heard it by seeing Youtubers get their kids to dance to it. The girls wouldn't let me film them because they didn't know it that well... which is a good thing, I think... but they were still hilarious!

All about clasping her hands together over her head like this. No idea why.
Last Tuesday I had an appointment with my Primary Care Doctor. I am holding onto a lot of fluid, especially in my belly. I look about six months pregnant and my hips feel like I'm nine months pregnant. Walking is insanely painful. My dr. has me taking a water pill which is not that fun if you're the kind of person who pees every hour on the hour anyways. I'm just grateful for the ability to see a good doctor who is consistent and remembers me so that when things like that change, he has a frame of reference for what my "normal" is.

Also last week... Oliver turned a month old and Cosette turned four months old. Still working on getting my babies in the same zip code but hopefully soon!

In other news... I scored a new high score in my sudoku app so there's that. I'm feeling quite accomplished.

I made my monthly "big" grocery trip last week with help from Austin, Tasha and Cosette. It helps to have someone along to get the heavy stuff and the stuff up high. It's also nice to have company.

Also, we had a busted water heater last week that soaked part of my carpet in my bedroom, ironically the only room in the Whine Cellar that hadn't previously suffered water damage. Fortunately we caught it early, got the carpet up and dried, got the slab dried off, replaced the pad with a brand new one and reinstalled the carpet. When I say "we", please know that isn't a literal description of who actually did all the work. It was mostly Mawmaw doing the drying, Pop doing the buying and Austin and his friend Pat moving furniture and laying the carpet. Since they had to move the furniture anyways, I went ahead and got them to rearrange my bedroom, which is basically my walk-in-closet because I can't sleep in a bed for more than an hour or so. Mom also took this opportunity to paint my dressing table that I've had since I was seven. It's made every single move with me all of my life. I still have to sort out the bookshelf and odds and ends but this gives you an idea of my purple walk-in closet.

Somehow Stubby the 3legged Wonder Cat has a cold. He keeps sneezing VERY loudly. Every time he sneezes it startles Little Kitty and he does a vertical jump about six inches in the air. Quite funny. Little Kitty got his feelings hurt this morning because I was holding the dog in my lap. He protested by becoming monorail kitty on the back of my recliner.

Pain wise, more for my record than anything, the gut pain has now been with me for three solid weeks? Or two? Now I can't remember. I've been taking less percocet and larger doses of Advil and become best buds with the heating pad. Once my medicare is in place we'll explore a better solution. I had a face numbing migraine last night through this morning but thankfully it's been gone since about 8 am.

And I guess, that's about it for now. I'll leave you a few more photos... and will add Ollie photos whenever his dad sends me some newer ones... Have a good week y'all! Love and hugs!

 New sewing project. Little Kitty extends his front paw across anything that takes my attention off of him. Today it was my sewing.
 He's wearing his angry eyes.
This is what he wants to do. He lays belly up and wants his tummy rubbed. Never had a cat before who loved getting his belly rubbed so much.
 "what's up, Nana?"
Nana-razzi photo....
This elephant sleeper is her favorite. Ok. It's more Nana and mommy's favorite but she's already got one in the next size up.

That's all, folks!