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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Busy Tuesday Morning

This morning I woke up at midnight.
And again at 2.
And ... I don't know, a few more times.
At some point I gave up the fight and started my Italian lessons.
I took the flea comb and combed out all three cats as well as they would let me because they all have fleas and they are getting out of control. The amount of living fleas and flea dust I got out of those kitties was shocking/disgusting/heartbreaking.
I think it's partially because they spend a lot of time out on the screened porch. I don't know. The exterminator comes tomorrow.
A little before 9 I got a text from Tasha asking what I was doing today.
Austin came down around the same time and we decided it was a good day to spend a few hours with Princess Cosette.
My mom needed to pick up a prescription from the doctors office so we all loaded up in the car - me, Austin, my mom, Oscar the dog and headed to Cosy's house.
Cosy met us at the door reaching up for us to pick her up. I love when she's excited to go!
Since we were going to try to take some Fall photos I brought an outfit that I wanted Cosy to wear and dressed her in it.
We went to the doctors office and waited in the car while my mom got her prescription. Oscar barked and whined like he was being beaten but Cosy was happy hanging out in the backseat with her daddy.
We went to the pharmacy and I went in to drop off the prescription so Oscar wouldn't get upset that my mom had left him in the car again and... Cosy got upset that I left HER in the car. You can't win!
We drove my mom and Oscar back home and let Cosy stretch her legs for a few minutes while I changed from my hoodie into a cooler top.
Austin, Cosy and I went to Great Clips to get Austin's hair cut so he's looking his best for job interviews.
Austin and Cosy walked over to Walmart (right next door) and I drove. He walked so that he didn't have to put her in the car seat again. Plus... it was a lovely day.
Austin needed some smaller clothes because he has lost so much weight this year. Stress is really doing a number on him. He's down to a 29x30 size jeans and a size small shirt.
Austin is losing weight, my mom is losing weight and ... I've lost a few pounds but nothing wardrobe changing. Stress and sickness has hit this house so hard this year.
I bought a curtain sheer because I wanted to add little lacy details to Jamie's costume for Beauty and the Beast along with a lacy shawl. I have this huge book on historical costumes and found those details would be appropriate for the time period. The cheapest, easiest way to have the materials I need to add those details was to buy a curtain sheer.
Cosy - who rarely talks - saw a toy that she really wanted in the toy department and called out for it by name so I bought that. I was going to get her a play kitchen for Christmas and this toy is similar in size and scope so ... I'm finished with her Christmas list. One down, about twenty to go.
I bought another seasonal candle. Candles make me happy.
While we were at Walmart we saw a friend of Austin's and had a chat about employment opportunities there.
When we checked out at Walmart we saw my friend Pam and visited with her for a minute.
As we were walking out of Walmart Cosy spotted the game room at the front of the store and climbed out of my arms and headed for it. I spent my teenage years being absolutely bored in arcades so that instinct to go to the game room did not come from me. I gathered all my quarters and Austin played the crane games until he won a little bouncy ball for Cosy. When Austin reached into the reward chute to get the ball he found a little pig keychain. Cosy was much more interested in the pig than the ball.
I forgot to mention... while we were walking through Walmart I asked Cosy what she wanted to look at. She saw sunglasses and pointed so we went that way. She found a pair of Frozen sunglasses and decided she had to have them.
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While we were shopping in sunglasses, Austin was looking at clothes, out of sight from us. I had offered Cosy a sip of my tea while we were all together and she shook her head "no". As soon as she noticed Austin wasn't around she bent over and snuck her a sip of tea. Usually her daddy will not let her have tea. Baby Girl is not quite a year and a half but she already knows this much: if daddy says no, he means no. If Nana is around, most things are a yes. I had forgotten to fix a cup with water for her since we left the house in hurry this morning so later on her dad told her it was ok for her to drink Nana's tea. She shook her head no. I find this obedience to her dad really adorable... I also find her understanding that Nana is the permissive one to be adorable.
At any rate... after Walmart we went to Rite Aid to pick up Mawmaw's prescriptions. I went ahead and carried Cosy in with me so she wouldn't get upset by being left in the car with dad. She likes to GO! I always pick up a dog toy in the dollar aisle for Oscar. He knows the difference in Rite Aid bags from any other bags we bring home and he knows if I have a Rite Aid bag, I should have a new toy for him. I told Cosy we needed to get a new toy for "Ooof" and she reached down from my arms and picked out the exact same toy he has at home and said, "Ooof". She's so good at following instructions!
From Rite Aid we went to the Country Bake Shoppe, not because we needed bakery goods but because they have a really cute fall set up out front. Of course, we also like to go in and say hello to the lady who manages the bakery, Nancy. She's always happy to see my kids... and now grandkids. I told her we were frustrated because she didn't want to take out her pacifier for the pictures and she said, "that's how she looks right now... you should leave the paci in for pictures" and you know what? That's what we did! Cody was a paci baby and most of the pictures I have of him around the same age as Cosy he had a pacifier in his mouth and it's a precious memory of him for me!
From the bakery we went to the Catholic Church in town where they have a huge selection of pumpkins for sale. We got a lot of cute pictures of Cosy in her little "country" overalls, most of them with her pacifier in her mouth.
THEN... we went to Chickfila and got her a kids' meal with a milk. We took her back to her mommy's house and Austin drove us home - we had planned for him to practice driving today but not with Cosy in the car.
All of this happened before 1pm.
Since then... I've been online watching Youtube videos, edited and shared photos from today, and just rested. I'm one tired but very happy Nana!
Hope your Tuesday was full of love and laughter too!
Love and hugs, y'all!


monica said...

I love her overalls. Very cute in deed.
You did a lot before 1pm yesterday. I was at
the dentist trying to finish up on the mess I
started to do a year ago. I go back in 3 months.
gggrrrr ;0 Never done.
I hope your Wednesday is relaxing .