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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, February 1, 2009

bits and pieces

I went to get a squeeze from Jamie in her little Sunday School classroom after church today. She had some really bad chapped lips... bless her heart... they were so chapped that they were split and bleeding. As soon as she saw me she said, "I need lip gloss!" She did. I knelt down and dug a tube of chapstick out of my bag and put it on her. I gave her the chapstick to keep in her pocket.

That may seem like a pretty boring story but for me it is a perfect example of why this is a great place to live. No, not because I like little kids with chapped lips. Because Jamie knows that Aunt Heather can meet her needs. She trusts me. She knows that I love her and will take care of her. She gets to see me at least twice a week. After motherhood, being an aunt has been the greatest joy and greatest accomplishment in my life. You should know that I am a really good aunt!

The ear/jaw/throat pain is insane today. It hit me so bad during church that I was fighting tears. If I'm really quiet and don't open my mouth at all, it's better. It's very hard for me to be quiet... but I'm determined... silent treatment for the whole world today.

There isn't anything decent on tv today. I can either learn about how Jessica Simpson uses proactive or I can watch 20 hours of Superbowl pregame. Ick. I've been playing on facebook a little bit, chatting with some friends via email and chilling out. I did watch Juno. I love that movie!

Now I think I'll take a nap. Hugs, y'all!


cw2smom said...

Yes for Chapstick!! I never leave home without it!! Ouch...poor baby girl with those sore lips! Good Auntie comes to the rescue! I don't care much for football either, but I've been invited to a ladies get-together at football time. So, it should be fun! Love the Juno movie too and my favorite line is the one her dad says about finding someone that thinks the sunshines outta your ass! I am sooo looking for that someone! Blessings and healing thoughts! Love, Lisa

Myra said...

I keep chapstick in the living room, my nightstand, my purse (2 tubes), my computer, gym bag, desk at work, backpack (hiking) never know where you're gonna be when you need it. Sorry your pain is still so bad...why aren't the antibiotics helping??

Sarah said...

YOu are in my thoughts and prayers. :)Sarah