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My People
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Can we please take notice of the fact that I am still up at 1am? Stubby is snoring beside my leg... Austin has crashed on the couch... and I am still up. Or... as Austin likes to say, "I closed down the house" tonight. He is amused whenever we are the last people in an establishment, a phenomenon that has pretty much only happened in his life when we are hanging out with the fabulous Mr. Drake. Wednesday night we closed down 1st Baptist of Helen and then LaCabana. Oh, what a crazy life we lead!

I did have a delightful time tonight, despite it being Friday the 13th... the only misfortune that befell me was a unfortunate collision with a skunk. Yes, a skunk. It looked like a possum but the smell was unmistakeable. Even from 100 yards away.

Crunch-n-munch and I went to dinner at a little meat-n-three place off the highway... and we finished it with a *shared* banana pudding. It was all good... the food, the conversation... the unsweet tea with splenda for me and sweet tea for him. One really sweet thing he did that he didn't know was touching for me... he asked me to say the blessing before dinner. A guy who supports me in my faith! Who could have dreamed?

He asked what I was planning to say on here about our evening and I'm a bit cautious... not because he has asked me to be (no censorship! imagine that!) but because I'm conscious of all the varied and assundry people who read my blog. It's not all my "blogger babes" and (as Dean refers to them) my "chick friends"... and as much as I want to believe it's all people who love me and wish the best for me, there are people who read for nefarious (S.A.T. word) reasons. I am still married and don't want to feed my adulterous husband any information that could be used against me in a court of law... although... there is quite a difference... my husband knew we were no longer together five months before I met Marvin. I didn't know we weren't together for at least five months after he met and started seeing Andrea. If there was even the slightest possibility that Michael Darby and myself would ever again exist within the same zip code, much less the same relationship, I would not even dream of moving forward. I stopped short of calling MJD and asking his permission... we have proven that we are incapable of communication on any level short of riot... and I'm just over the whole "world according to darby" and "what would Michael do"... my focus is now on "what would Jesus do?" and "what is God's plan for my life?". Marvin supports me in this.

We had a great time. There are many levels on which we communicate and are like minded. We had a similar upbringing. Our faith is similar. He has the most incredible blue/green eyes. He is the kind of guy that when he hugs you, you feel hugged. No limp wristed, "if I have to feign some affection, let's be quick about it" with an eye roll and a groan. He made me another mix tape (CD) for tonight. I think that's pretty durn romantic!

But lest you worry, as you wonderful people in my life are want to do, we are both committed to avoiding anything even remotely resembling "falling" in love. We want to be friends, go slow, spend time together occasionally as our schedules permit (he works three jobs and I work quite a bit... plus go to church three times a week)... He met Austin tonight and Austin liked him. Just know that when I talk about him, that I am smiling a very peaceful, patient, purposeful smile. I'm glad to have him as a friend. I needed a friend like that at this time of my life. I am very safe with him. He is smart... not just intelligent... but also intuitive smart... and that's exactly what I need.

Ok... ambien kicking in. Happy Singles Awareness day! More tomorrow! Love and hugs y'all!


Anonymous said...

"But lest you worry, as you wonderful people in my life are want to do, we are both committed to avoiding anything even remotely resembling "falling" in love. We want to be friends, go slow, spend time together occasionally as our schedules permit.."

Uh-huh. It is precisely when you're trying not to that you will.

But this... I knew a guy when I was spending a lot of time in Nashville. He and his current wife went on their first date to his church. As far as I know, they're still married and happy.

Joann said...

I'm really happy for you Heather, you deserve to be happy!! He sounds like a real keeper!!

Dutch said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am so happy for you. You deserve it. Happy Singles Awareness Day. Hugs

Myra said...

Every couple should always include that 3rd person...God, and He is at the center of it all. Faith is important to you, therefore, it is important to the person who cares about you. Tread lightly, my friend!

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I am glad you had a good time. feeling at peace with someone is pretty darn good.

*Tracy* said...

happy valentines day! glad things are going so good for you, you deserve it! hugs

Anonymous said...
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Marvin said...

Thanks for all of your posts and well wishes for my friend Heather. Y'all don't be shy when it comes to how you deal with me. I'm an open book.
And Mr. Drake......I definitely look forward to meeting you someday soon.