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My People
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Friday, February 27, 2009

rambling about Friday

I've got about a dozen people that I really want to either talk to on the phone or email tonight and I'm running out of steam. Yes, I realize it's not even 10pm on a Friday night. I'm old. Accept it. I have. So if you expected to hear from me or have me visit your blog or respond to an email or a message and I didn't do it... forgive me. This does not mean you are not loved.

Stubby the 3legged butt licking toilet drinking kung fu kitty wondercat has become a growth on my leg. Austin is gone for the weekend and ST3BLTDKFKWC is not happy with the change. Not that he EVER wants to be with Austin, he cries - like a baby - really whines - whenever Austin carries him out of my room. But he is definitely not happy with the fact that the boy is not here.

Austin is at Discipleship Now... it's a weekend retreat of sorts for the teenagers from several churches in the area. They will have all these services and classes and so forth and then spend the night with a host family. Austin is staying with my friend Dana (aka my favorite blonde and Bailey's mom). I apologized to Dana in advance for the toilet seat being left up, the inevitable damage to her home, the fact that her couch cushions will never be the same again and the teenage boy funk that is certain to foul her home. I also told her that we have plenty of liability coverage. The kids stay at Discipleship Now until Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we are expecting snow. I'm not holding my breath. Fool me once... shame on you... fool me twice... I'm done believing. This will be the time we get six inches and I'll be out of bread and milk. I'm pretty much living on cheerios and yogurt, though, so it's ok.

I think my brother is a glutton for punishment, being a youth pastor. Certainly he's paying in triplicate for all the stunts we pulled in our youth group. He was known as "The Toilet Paper Fairy". It was a lot of fun. One year for Christmas we rolled the mailboxes of EVERYONE in our youth group and left a candy cane and a card in the mailbox that said, "Merry Christmas from the toilet paper fairy". There were times that we did more than just the mailbox. It was good, clean fun. The best joke was calling someone in the morning and saying, "hey... I think you need to go flush your yard!". We didn't have caller ID back then.

Robert... haven't had time to respond to your last comment... but it was good! Love and hugs, still, again. Am I still on for next Friday night? You'll have to tell me what you need me to do. Remember... I'm rusty.

I think I've mentioned that I've taken to naming road kill around here. There is sooo much of it! I think because there's more... nature... around here... but you can't go half a mile without something dead. I always amuse myself with the names I come up with... "Flat Cat"... "Runny Bunny"... "Stiffy the Possum". The funniest road kill I've seen yet was this possum that apparently CRAWLED to the sidewalk (this was in town, mind you, we have some sidewalks, they get rolled up at dark, but we do have them)... the possum had crawled to the sidewalk and dramatically slumped over the curb... head resting on front paw... and died in that dramatic pose. Or. Well, if he was just playing possum... he gets the Oscar... it was hilarious. And just like the deer that we saw looking both ways before he crossed the road... I would have thought I was seeing things if Austin hadn't started laughing... "Did you see that?" Communing with nature can be fun.

There is so much I want to blog about... heard from Michael yesterday and today. Well, I wrote him first. Same story, same arguments, different day. Now I just roll my eyes and go... "yep. whatever". Strange how it stops bothering you after awhile. I mean... yes, I would love to have him say, "I screwed up.... you're amazing and wonderful and I'm an idiot for not realizing what I have..." but. Yeah. That won't happen. I would settle for an admission of guilt but I mostly get a generic "I'm sorry for the pain I've caused you". I always made my kids apologize by naming what they have done wrong and apologizing specifically for that. But. Oh well. Que sera. I don't know how many weeks it's been and I'm not going to count. Life is beautiful. I think I'll stick around a bit longer.

Next chapter.

Crunch and munch and I are still figuring out our new boundaries. It's interesting. (blows kisses) I'm talking to someone else... who is really nice... (and has never been married, thank you, trolls!) but we are JUST talking, lest anyone get up in arms and feel like comment bombing me again... and I got a pretty sweet message from Bear today. I texted him and said, "I'm not feeling the love" and he wrote back that there is lots of love. Mmmm. Ok. Just snuffalupagus kind of love. (Sesame Street reference for those who are not into preschool television).

I think I'm a bit caustic today. Must be emailing back and forth with Candice... my FABULOUS faux Sister-in-law. If she and Bryan ever break up, I'm keeping Candice. JKOC! Actually... I think if I don't start eating right she's going to disown me. It's one thing to have a sister in law that names road kill... but she can't be fat too!

I wore two completely different socks today. I may be carrying casual friday a bit too far. I did shave my legs today, though. It was just a rushed sort of morning. I'm working tomorrow too. I left a bunch of stuff unfinished today... having those few hours will be nice... and then I'm having lunch with Angie, her mama and the girls. Jim is at the Discipleship Now weekend all weekend, I think.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a concert at "the college". Since there is only one of everything around here... it becomes "the Ingles" and "the college" and "the walmart". Although, technically there are two colleges in my world... Truett McConnell and Piedmont. Not that it matters to anyone who lives outside of Butcher Holler. There are also three Ingles in my vicinity... in Cornelia, Clarkesville and Cleveland... tonight I stopped by the IGA to pick up snacks for Austin to take. I figured doritos are doritos, no matter where you buy them. I do enjoy the fact that they play contemporary Christian music at the IGA but it's still too small and dark for me. I'm really craving a good Publix run still. I want some of those great cinnamon twist things they have at the Publix bakery. (Robert, put that on my next wish list!)

Oh... but the concert... it's the group Rush of Fools. Candice suggested that I request Freebird... (is that funny to anyone else but me and Candice?) ... I love the group, they play them all the time on the Christian radio station... which is about all I listen to because I love the inspirational stuff... I love to sing along...

It's really raining hard outside. I haven't even turned the tv on tonight so it's absolutely silent in this "house"... except for my stomach growling (because I haven't eaten) and my fingers clicking on the keyboard. Hope my little laptop keeps on chugging... soooo not ready to fix it. I should probably do my taxes soon. I don't expect to get much back, if anything, since I still have to file as married... *grrrr*.... which is total crap... I'm soooo not married!

Lots more good stuff... but I'm tired of typing and you're tired of reading. Love and hugs, y'all!

Oh yeah, one more thing! Dean! I love ya, man! Hang in there! God is good! Kiss the Deanie Babies for me... safe travels... God bless...


Tina of Moon Shine said...

i litterally cannot keep my eyes open. I will be back later with a real comment...slep is being very

Tina of Moon Shine said...

okay, first of all, Iam fairly certain you do not have to file as married. you aren't living together and you odn't support each other. I didn't file as married the first filing season we were separated. give it a try.