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My People
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

random wednesday

If you feed a goat grass seed he will fertilize your yard.

Goat poop is pellets, not piles. The seed mixes with the poop and grows a nice lawn. And then the goat can trim it for you. That's the ultimate in recycling!

Deer poop is also pellets.

I learned this in Bible Study tonight. I love my Bible Study girls! It's the best hen party around.

We talk about more than just poop. But our conversations do turn toward goats an awful lot.

I really feel like a city girl in there.

Watching the American Idol results show.

I mailed my signed divorce papers back to Duval County today.

I went to the post office in Cleveland to mail them. When I came out there were some beautiful tulips. I bent down to get a good angle for the shot and I remembered some other tulips... in Boston... my birthday three years ago... when Michael and I were in the "honeymoon" phase of our relationship and he was still my Prince Charming and I was still Cinderella. There was a beautiful patch of tulips and I knelt to get a good shot... and he took a picture of me taking a picture of the tulips. I think it was his favorite picture of me. I don't have that picture any more or I would share it...
But as I knelt to capture the perfect tulip shot I remembered that other time... and I laughed. God has such a perfect way of bringing things full circle.
April 1, 2006 was our first date. April 1, 2009 I answered his petition for divorce.
Duane notorized my paperwork for me... he asked, "is this an emotional thing?" Because he's such a guy's guy... but he's smart enough to realize that girls are emotional about such things... and he's compassionate enough to realize that it might not be the happiest of moments for me. I answered honestly, "no, I'm past the emotion. this is just the paperwork".
It really was. Just paperwork.
My heart of hearts knew that the big joke was on me, three years ago. I'm sad for what we put ourselves through. I'm sad that it couldn't be fixed... but...
I watched Jamie walk into the fellowship hall tonight and watched her search the room... and when she made eye contact with me her face lit up and she started skipping over to see me.
Of course, I should mention that Jamie being Jamie, she got distracted over by the salad bar and I didn't get my "squeeze" until after dinner... but Sarabeth came right over with hugs... and I got to have dinner with Bubba and Angie and Abbie and Ciara and Natalie...
My friend Natalie is leaving tomorrow for Switzerland.
My brother Bryan and his girlfriend Candice leave tomorrow for Paris.
Bubba, Angie and the girls are going on a camping/mission trip next week.
Austin will be with my parents for Spring Break.
It's gonna be lonely here in these hills. I thought about taking a road trip somewhere but then I thought... hmmm... staying home... I'm gonna enjoy myself. After all, I have to work next week... no spring break for me...
Our church is compiling a book of people who have experienced answered prayer.
We're invited to write an essay telling about a time where we are certain God answered our prayers... my challenge... how do I tell my story in a way that is suitable for all audiences? I would have to leave out a lot... and my conviction is that I can only tell my story when/if I can tell it in a way that doesn't slander Michael. As I was praying about how to approach this... I felt in my heart that the answer is to write the essay and then let Michael read it. If it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable, then it would be ok to share. Isn't that the real demonstration of a changed life, letting go of my dogged determination to tell everything I know everywhere I go regardless of how it impacts others in my world? How could I write something that is intended to glorify God if it hurts someone else? Anyone else.
Ryan reconnected with an old friend while he was here over the last week. It's a girl who he knew in elementary school. Way back in 5th grade I would tell him, "Marie sure is a cutie...." "I think you should like Marie...." and finally... they went out. He's smitten. I think she is too. Does it make me a stalker mom if I'm reading her blog? She worries that by reading her blog I'll think she's crazy...
Little does she know, right?
Ryan's mom loves crazy.
Have a great evening. Love and hugs, y'all!


MusicalMarie said...

HA! i can be a blog stalker too =D

i'm mentioned in this one! how exciting! Yes, i'm quite smitten with your boy. but don't tell him that haha

MusicalMarie said...

oh, and llama pellets make good fertilizer, too. forgot to mention that

slj said...

I will be pleased when I get to the point that you are. I am putting all of my faith in God that He will see me thru this.
Even when we know it's the right thing, divorce is one of the hardest things to endure.
Be well,

Estela said...

caught your twitter about the goat poop. This entry clears up all the questions :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the divorce. I read your journal all the time but don't always post. Yes it is funny how life comes full circle. The wedding pictures were beautifull. Your sons are great looking young men. You can definately tell that they are brothers. You looked so happy and at peace yourself. I know this has been a long road for you. I think that you should definately contribute your story to your church journal. I would have a friend read it over instead of Michael. It is your side of your story. Your friend will give you an honest opinion if it would be offending. You are past permissions now. Congrats again! Julie

Missie said...

Congrats on the divorce! Those Tulips are beautiful!

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

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