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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Do you hear that sound? *sigh* It's peace. I miss Austin. I promise, I do. Ok, the truth is that I have never been the kind of mom who mourns for her kids when they're away. I don't need to talk to them every day. I don't worry about them. The only exception to that is when I left Cody behind and moved to Jacksonville... but that was different... I didn't know that everything would be ok.... I didn't know anything would ever be ok in my life again. A week here and there... it's good. It's healthy. From the minute your babies are born you have to start preparing for the day they will leave the nest. So I miss Austin... the last one in my nest... but I'm enjoying a break.

His stupid cat, on the other hand, may not survive. My "inspirational thought for the day that gets written on the back of my hand" has been "CAT" for the past two days. I have to remember to feed Stubby the 3legged Wondercat and also Princess, Angie's completely unsociable cat. Princess comes with a disclaimer from Jamie, "don't touch her, she doesn't like people". However, Princess has learned that when I get to her house, her bowl gets filled. She welcomes me and it almost sounded like she was purring today. I still don't touch her. Stubby, on the other hand, is my siamese twin. Ick.

We had snow flurries all day. I love that - since I'm such a southern girl - that falling snow still makes me giggle like a sixth grade girl passing a note. The snow didn't accumulate at all and it never snowed very hard but it was SNOW! In April!

My ear/jaw pain has been off the charts today... coming in waves that take my breath away. I see the doctor next Tuesday. Meanwhile I'm sorta halfway doing the things that are supposed to make it hurt less but ... I've also sorta halfway given up on it.

Max on TMZ - the blonde one that I think is so cute - just made a comment that he is "no good at insurance". They were talking about how kids of sports stars usually grow up to be good at sports. Apparently he has a parent who sells insurance. *sigh* That endears him to me even more...

Such interesting characters come through my office. We had an article on the company website today that talked about how people in corporate America are getting themselves into trouble with facebook and twitter... so maybe I shouldn't share my "interesting client" stories. But I will. Last week I quoted insurance for an elderly man who was illiterate. It broke my heart. He needed to take the quote home to show his wife and I tried to make sure he understood it all. How? How in the world are there people living around us who are illiterate? Today I visited with a man whose son is a missionary to China. The son is coming home for a few months and needed a car - and insurance.

Time for American Idol... love and hugs, y'all!


Maire said...

Hey Heather~
Used to be overly protective Mom...that was because I was always worried nobody could take care of my kids as good as me...I recovered, lolol...have you thought about accupuncture for the pain? Take care and enjoy your mom vacation!

Missie said...

Accupuncture just might help you. Have a good evening.

Big Mark 243 said...

I have been reading ... sometimes I have emailed my comment ... just so you know ...

... thought to ask, what color is your hair? Is it brown? red?? auburn??? crimson tide!!!!

jus' askin' ..!

mawmaw said...

Auggie misses you too. Some one called the other day and he thought it was you and he said doesn't she want to talk to me

Estela said...

We spent anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks away from home every summer. I don't know how my parents managed without us, we were so cool! LOL... anyway.. I agree that time apart is wonderful as long as I know I have them with people I trust. :) Enjoy your week!

sober white women said...

I so can't wait for my children to leave. I can't wait to see the rest of their lives unfold! LOL I have a cat that would be happy if no one ever touched her. I think it is just her.