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My People
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

updates based on my comments...

*hugs* to Mary... I didn't know Doug was going through all he was going through at the time but it breaks my heart now to know that you both had to deal with that... I have no patience for that sort of thing... ultimately, though, we know that God had something to teach you in that process and I know that you guys are stronger in your faith because of it and stronger in your marriage because of it. Truly, God is good.

And thanks to Michelle for sharing with me today about her husband's illness and the process they went through in his diagnosis.

And to Sheryl (or Eric? I suspect it was Sheryl) for sharing with me about the clothing giveaway. I think that will benefit Austin and his little girlfriend Tasha. Her mom is home during the workday so hopefully she'll be able to take them. I showed Tasha the article and I think she knows where it is. she's a smart girl.

Honestly, I am so grateful for the local food pantry. It never occurred to me to go but since Austin's been bringing by the extras from Tasha's family... my pantry is FULL! I eat a lot of beans and rice.... and I have enough to last me for a month. I also eat a lot of peanut butter... and I have two new jars of peanut butter. It helps me focus on putting money toward other things. I always sort of thought of the food pantry as being for people who had NOTHING... but certainly, there are weeks that I'm counting out change for gas. God has always. ALWAYS met my needs. Every day He gives us our daily bread. But lately... He's also giving us our daily rice, beans and peanut butter. God is good. I'm learning to accept those sort of gifts with humility... and I look forward to the day that I will be in a position to help others because truly, I have learned what it means to be in need!

At any rate... I have an appointment with the pulmonologist on August 12th. I have a new symptom of sort of a heartburn - raw throat - which could be a side effect of the inhaler or who knows. I thought it was just the bbq we had yesterday but it's lingered today. Good thing beans and rice are bland, right? I talked to the referral nurse today and she recommended/agreed with me that I'm better off waiting until Monday to see the doctor I've already been seeing. She was going to have them call in a cough medicine but ultimately, the things that work are too strong for me to take and work anyways. Thank God for halls.

So there's that.

Austin and Tasha came to have dinner with me tonight! I had a pork roast in the crockpot and I heated up some baked beans and dug a can of sweet potatoes out of the pantry. They don't care. They just want to play the Wii.

And I want to catch up on facebook, blogger, twitter, the Big brother house... have a good evening!


Dawn said...

Glad that you have the appt set!

be well...