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My People
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wednesday (wish I could come up with some interesting titles, sorry!)

Wednesday already! I leave early today… 3:45… which makes me super happy… even though I’m going from work to the doctor. Austin wants to go to church tonight and it will really depend on what time I get out of the doctor. My oil light is coming on in my car so I have to get the oil changed. I don’t know how to check the oil. I don’t want to mess it up. There is an oil changing place right near the office. I plan to take the car tomorrow. It has to hang in there with me until tomorrow. But I am a little worried about driving the extra twenty mile round trip to church in between now and then. The light just came on. Just barely blinked. It’s not really on even. I’m just so paranoid about these things. As I was telling a friend today, “it stinks to be poor and hired out”. I just really need someone in my life to take care of all the details of things for me so that I can be at work every minute I can and make as much money as I can to pay for all these details. Living Single, complaint #1!

I have to go to Gainesville – an extra hour plus worth of driving – on Friday for my CT scan so I have no choice but to get the car taken care of tomorrow. Or today if I can find a place still open after I get out of the doctor’s office. Everybody here keeps bankers hours – except us – so it’s nigh to impossible to handle things before or after work. I have another little matter I have to take care of that I haven’t been able to because it requires time away from the office, which I just can’t afford.

Ok. You get the point. It’s stressful to be single and not have the resources of time and money and energy that you need to take care of all the things you have to do. Which is why my house is a mess. End of whine.

Yesterday I worked through lunch. We had two people out and I volunteered to take the last lunch (between 2 and 3) but then the two people before me left later than they were supposed to and it was going to be 2:20 before I could even leave. Angie and the girls wanted to take me to lunch and since I couldn’t go at a real lunch time they brought me something to eat and visited for a few minutes here in the office with me. They’re going to Cheer Camp this week at the high school and they were so durn cute trying to show me their toe-touches! I think Jamie has more of the cheerleader build than Sarabeth does. Sarabeth is so lanky. Jamie is more compact and thick, sort of like a gymnast.

We finally got a reception desk (after nine months of needing one) and the guys from the office supply store set it up but didn’t reconnect the computer. Duane was busy so I went ahead and did it. It was a nice break in the day for me… even though it entailed some crawling around on the floor. And I felt incredibly accomplished after doing it. I even did the victory arm-pump. It sort of made up for the mental interruption in the day that I normal enjoy with my lunch hour.

I was teasing with Sarabeth – who already has a touch of the wry Gant wit – about my fear that she’ll freeze up on Sunday and we’ll end up having to hog tie her to get her baptized. She played along and pretended to be stiff as a board while I pretended to dunk her. She even made a really good pretend “scared to death” face. I loved it. I won’t love it as much if she really does it. Some kids go limp when they don’t want to do something. Sarabeth gets stiff.

In completely unrelated news: I’m completely smitten with Jeff from Chicago on Big Brother. It will be a sad day for me when he gets voted off. He and Jordan are the best Big Brother showmance ever. She’s dumber than a box of rocks but they’re cute. I also watched Hell’s Kitchen last night although it really stressed me out. I can’t handle all the yelling. It’s such an unhealthy work place. I also really worried about the fat guy with the heart problem. He didn’t seem to have lost any weight since last year. Who am I to judge… but still… if it was unhealthy a year ago… it looks like it would still be…

Yesterday my very thin co-worker asked me if I had lost any weight with the wisdom tooth recovery. My reply, “You would think…” Not really. I haven’t been eating much and I’ve been eating (mostly) (I would say 70/30) healthy but I’m not really seeing much weight loss. Ok. No weight loss. No gain. I’m exactly the same. A few things are a bit looser but nothing to really get excited about. It is what it is. I care far more at this moment about not being able to breathe easily than I care about how my butt looks in my big girl jeans. Nobody is looking at it anyways.

Stubby the 3legged Wondercat has a new trick… he has become Kamikaze Kitty. When I’m walking through the kitchen (or anywhere but it happens most often in the kitchen) he will throw himself flat right in my path like he’d been runover by a steamroller. I’ve tripped on him a few times. You would THINK he’d want to avoid getting stepped on. It’s like he’s saying, “Goodbye cruel world!” It would be the equivalent of me running out in front of a dump truck. Ok. Maybe the ratios are a bit different but… geez. He also has decided that we need to bond whenever I’m in the bathroom. If he hears one little tinkle, he comes running and merowing. And it’s “MERRRROW” not “meow”. He also says, “No”. Usually whenever Austin is trying to pick him up. I’ll try to videotape it so you won’t think I’m crazy.

I have a grumpy client insisting to hold. It’s annoying because it keeps me tied up until I’m able to connect his call. Because I’m… so busy. I guess I should get busy.
Shout out to my friend Michelle who called me today to share this word of scripture that made her think of me. I love it!
Psalm 61:2 (New King James Version)
2 From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh . . . if your oil light is on, you might not make that 20-mile round trip . . . I'll say an extra prayer for you!

Missie said...

I hate when I can't come up with blog entry titles too! LOL

Have a good night.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

OMG...Heather, If you ONLY knew how badly I need the laugh today & in regards to stubby the 3legged wondercat I got it.....


now get that dang oil changed!!!

You are woman....hear yourself RAWR.