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Monday, February 22, 2010

free from creeps

It was a happy Monday that flew by for me today... I took a late lunch so I could take my sweet nieces to dance class and it was a lot of fun. I miss those days of sitting in the car riders lane at the school... getting kids into tights and leotards.... the excitement of those fresh moments right after school! I love those baby girls. Jamie wanted me to stay and take class with them.. but alas, Aunt Heather had to get back to work.

I had a weird weekend and I wasn't able to talk about what happened WHEN it happened... but it's all out of the bag now so I'm free to speak on the subject.

I have a couple of photo storage websites that I use... one that I rarely ever use is picasa. It's a great editing site, I just usually never make it to the point of storing my pictures anywhere other than facebook. But occasionally... every now and then... I do.

I was in my 12th hour of playing farmville (sadly, I'm not kidding) when I notice that I had an email notification from Picasa that someone had added me as a favorite. I clicked on the email and it was someone named Michael. I thought that it must be my friend Purple Michael in Chicago, as he takes quite a lot of pictures and doesn't mind looking at mine... so I clicked on the link to HIS picasa page and ... it was my ex-husband's page.

And not only was it HIS page... but he had used that page to store about sixty photos of Andrea (you know, the woman he cheated on me with) in various stages of undress. Mostly completely undressed.

My first thought was... this is an incredibly mean thing for him to do to me. My second thought was, "why is he even LOOKING at my pictures?" This is the man who screamed at me to move on and leave him and Andrea alone barely a month after we split up and were still legally married. Yet here he is... two months after our divorce is final, 15 months since I last saw him... and he's searching my photos online. Which almost creeps me out more than the fact that he's posting pictures of his naked girlfriend on the internet.

The other creepy thing is that he had pictures of her kids in between the pictures of her naked. I'm sorry... maybe this is a puritan way to think of things but it creeps me out to see naked mom and then see mom holding her sweet little babies and then see another naked mom photo. I mean... give the kids their own folder or something. Creep.

The ADDITIONALLY creepy and really scary thing is that he added a picture of Andrea's drivers license - including her very easy to read address - to the same folder. It was almost an invitation of - go to this address and you can have this mom and in the bargain, molest these three children. This was all in a very public internet photo site. ANYBODY could access these photos. Fortunately for her poor kids, those photos are no longer public, which is why I am not worried about talking about it.

Of course, this is the man who took photos of my naked, unconscious body and texted them to this same woman. She can't say she didn't know he was capable of this. I had enough sense, however, to never CONSCIOUSLY allow him to take nude pics of me. That's the problem with being someone's mistress... once you become his main girl, the position of mistress is open again... and you can be pretty darn sure that whatever he did against his wife (like cheat), he also will do to you.

I feel bad for her to an extent. However, I have been praying for justice for Dean. She has been trying to reduce him to only supervised visitation because she doesn't think the kids are safe with him. How safe are they with her with her sick boyfriend posting her nude pictures, name and address on the internet? WITH the kids NAMES listed on their photos! And up to this point they've never actually had to live with her boyfriend so they can get beat up, humiliated and abused like my kids did.

I know how y'all hate for me to be all bitter and stuff. I keep it light as much as I can but I also keep this blog as real as I can as well. I couldn't help but think how devastated I was a year and a half ago when I realized Michael and Andrea were on the dirty... and how easily I laughed this off. I let Dean know that this info was out there so that he could take appropriate precautions for his kids. And I checked out the rest of his pictures to see how Bobby is doing (apparently at some point he broke his arm). And I thanked God... out loud... for sparing me from the lifelong burden of being yoked with this man.

Ultimately... at best... he was stalking me on the internet... at worst... he was being malicious to me and to Andrea. Certainly she can't have agreed to him posting those pictures and getting them in my hands. I'm so glad to be free from him. I pray for Andrea every day for that moment when she finds herself in the same place I was... when the dreams that he convinced her to buy into shatter like glass between her fingers... when she wakes up and realizes that she has forever scarred her children for nothing. I pray for her kids, for their lack of security. I pray for Dean - that truth and justice will prevail and that he will be allowed to be the kind of dad he was destined to be. I pray for Michael... that whatever demons are driving him will let him loose... and that he'll be able to love and be loved without having to destroy everyone who loves him.

I'm going to go have a bowl of soup. Love and hugs, y'all!


Remo said...

That's sick and the dude is up to something. My gut tells me he dumped them on your site for a purpose and since nothing good can come from the pics being on your page (to you or her) I say he has ulterior motives and when it all comes down he can blame it on you.

Pull your stuff from it and dump the page.

Melissa Huray said...

What a troubled man he must be. That's very creepy and I think he did that for a reason. As you say, be so glad you are rid of him! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Creep. So glad you can see clearly now.

lisabug said...

I am glad you can look back with relief now. I am saddened for Dean's babies and what they are enduring. Maybe she will wise up and see what he truly is.

moshell's lilbit of space said...