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My People
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my tuesday

Good news today…
Yesterday when I got home and turned on my computer, it automatically started running a program to search for the problem and repair it… something I had tried to make it do for two weeks. It allowed me to do a system restore – whereas up until then it kept erroring out when I’d try that. So… I don’t know how or why but something changed and made it all better. I’ll take it. I don’t have to understand every good thing that happens. Sometimes you have to just say, “thank you God” and enjoy it.
The scale moved today! Yeehaw! Finally!
I’ve got a nasty headache today but I really think it’s just from the weather front moving through. I believe I’ll be better after it’s gone. I took my ibuprofen and just kept on trucking.
Have I mentioned that I’m still able to sleep really well without ambien? It’s amazing to me that I felt so dependent on that stuff and yet… here I am… sleeping like a rock… a good 6 hours or so a night… and I’m able to wake up in the morning… and I’m saving $200 a month by not buying ambien.
Breakfast this morning was two grilled chicken tenders and an orange.
Lunch is ½ an egg salad sandwich and a cup of butternut squash.
Snacks are almonds and a banana.
Dinner last night was incredible! I wasn’t really sure what I was going to fix… I put some chicken on to grill… I heated up some of the leftover brown rice from last week… and I started digging through the produce bin in the refrigerator. I came up with a zucchini, some celery, a green bell pepper… chopped it up and stir fried it… added turmeric which is super healthy for you, a little garlic which is good for your blood pressure and a couple of drops of sesame oil which adds a lot of flavor without adding soy sauce, which I’m trying to avoid due to the msg/sodium in it. I mixed in the rice and chicken for the last few minutes of cooking the veggies and they absorbed all those yummy flavors… it made a huge bowl… one cup of rice, two grilled chicken tenders, one whole zucchini and ½ a pepper. A lot of food, not a lot of calories. A lot of fiber. A lot of nutrients. It took about fifteen minutes to prep and cook – quicker than going through a drive-thru.
My sweet friend Linda emailed me last night about the scale not moving and encouraged me to think about portion sizes, especially on the starchier veggies and fruits. I’m careful with portions on beans and rice. I haven’t had a potato in a month. I haven’t even been eating sweet potatoes, although they are good for you, because of the starchiness. I’m trying to fill up on green leafy stuff…
I know that I’m eating more nuts than I probably should… and maybe more fruit than I should… but I also feel like I have to do this in a way that I can maintain for the rest of my life. If I’m hungry, I eat. I just make sure I eat stuff that is nutritious and avoid as much sugar / flour / trigger foods as possible.
Anyways… the headache is better. It’s been the usual “recovery Tuesday” where I recover from the things I didn’t get done on Monday. Back to the grindstone… hope y’all have a great day!


BEE said...

just found your blog
think its a great blog

Bookncoffee said...

Wow, glad the scales moved but I know it is hard to change the way you eat, b/c it has to be a lifestyle change to keep the weight off. Very difficult. I've changed some of my ways but we eat wayyyyy too much of what we eat at our house. We all three love to cook and it is just hard.

Melissa said...

great job Heather! Love reading your blog every day. I tried an experiment last week, I noticed grains and bread were really upsetting my stomach. I cut out all sugar, bread and carbs except for low glycemic fruits and vegs. I lost 4.5 pounds in one week! I could not believe it because I wasn't even trying and I ate A LOT. Just a thought!