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My People
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Monday, February 8, 2010

monday drive by...

Hey! Monday is almost over!
I came back early from lunch today so that I could write a quick blog entry… and it was busy from the minute I walked in the door. So I’m taking those last ten minutes that was supposed to be on my lunch now… so I can share my exciting news with you.
Except… well. There’s nothing really exciting or new to share.
Just a normal, every week kind of Monday.
I did have a visit from two sweet little red haired girls this afternoon… so the taller redheaded girl could eat some grapes… and the smaller redheaded girl could get her hair braided for dance class and change into her little dance outfit. They didn’t buy anything… but they did give me lots of smooches!
What else is new? Hmmm…
Still no snow for us. Lots of rumors of snow that never materialize. I guess I shouldn’t complain… those folks a few hundred miles to the north will still be digging out when we’re in shorts in a few weeks. There’s a threat of “wintry mix” at the higher elevations over the next two days but no real heavy white blanket threatening to envelope our little part of the world.
My garmin says we live at 1535 feet above sea level. I wondered how that compares to where other people live? I would ask for audience participation but y’all are no good at commenting. (hint, hint)
If it weren’t for the viagara sales spams I’d never get comments. Not that I’m complaining… I’m glad y’all at least read.
Here’s the skinny on what I’m eating today:
Breakfast: plain baked sweet potato – no butter – nothing!
Snack: blueberry greek yogurt
Lunch: chicken & tomatoes cooked in coconut milk – over brown rice with celery and laughing cow cheese
Snack: grapes (the ones that Sarabeth finished for me. I love being a positive nutritional role model for a change!)
Dinner will be….? I don’t know. I saw a recipe for jicama fries so I thought I’d give that a try. Basically you just cut jicama into a French fry shape and bake it. I have also been craving cabbage. Austin is wanting some turkey meatloaf so I guess I’ll make one of those.
Just a little over an hour in my day! Woohoo!
My ear is bothering me some but it’s just a distraction – not a disability. Ibuprofen helps.
Ok… my time is up. Happy Monday, love and hugs!


Pudge450 said...

I can tell you, I'm 15 feet above sea level, just one block from the Gulf of Mexico.... right in an area where Katrina made landfall with an 18 ft. storm surge. That's how I found out I am at 15 feet.

Missie said...

I have no idea how far above sea level I am. I'm not near a sea so does that count? Have a good evening.

*Tracy* said...

yea i rarley comment sorry :( but enjoy reading your blog. have a good rest of the week!