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My People
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

d is NOT for dandy

Just for the record: the "d" in vitamin d does not stand for dandy. It stands for another word that starts with "d" that I'm too much of a lady to discuss. All night long. I'm exhausted.

I just had a bloody nose.
My back is killing me.
I have a headache.
I think I'm coming down with my usual bout of summer bronchitis.
My heart rate was only slightly higher than the normal range yesterday but today it's back up again.
My face is itching like crazy.
One of the meds I'm on causes cold sweats.

I'm a joy to be around today. Just ask Austin. I did the head spinning possession act so convincingly that he cleaned the kitchen and living room and did a load of laundry and I didn't even have to ask.

God bless Stubby the 3legged Wondercat... he stayed by my side all night and even asked if I was ok. Really, he did. He said, "ma-ma?" and instead of "tucking me in" and waiting until he thought I was asleep like he usually does, he curled up at my feet and stood watch over me. You gotta love a loyal kitty... you can expect that from a dog but it's a rare thing in a feline.

Have I told you that Stubbs greets me at the door every time I arrive at home and meows like someone is stepping on his tail until I bend down and acknowledge him? This is why single women turn into the "crazy cat lady"... of all the people I've known, I trust my cat the most.

I think Cindy Anthony is lying . I'm not sure if I would commit perjury to save my kids' lives. Actually... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

Austin thinks that the police overstepped their bounds in arresting Zach for punching a hole in the wall. He said that Zach's mom didn't want to press charges. I think they checked his record and found a previous similar act of violence and decided he needed a time out. Obviously, he needs anger management.

Isn't it funny how every time someone does something they shouldn't oughta have done, they go to rehab? When I was at the Funny Farm there were SOOOO many people who were there on a court order for treatment for bi-polar disorder or anger management. I very quickly established that even in my weakened state of mental health, I was better off than about 90% of the people there.

Comforting isn't it, to realize that even on your worst day, you're still better off than SOMEBODY... even if you're not feeling dandy.

Hope y'all have a great Sunday! Love and hugs...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am so sorry you are in such chronically discomforting circumstances... Truly, I keep you in my thoughts.

As for Zach... I think many people do not understand that in a criminal matter, the crime is against the people and not against any individual. Zach's mother does not have to take him to civil court, but if the DA believes that there is strong evidence, She's obligated to bring the charges regardless of what Mom may want.

Circumstances were such that the police were called. Having been called, their job is to determine what happened and protect and serve. They detained Zach as they saw clear evidence of legal violation.

A deferral program may be the way to go here, but the community has the right to be safe.