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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the weekly whine

Thank the good Lord it's Wednesday. I still don't feel good... I've added sore throat and headache to my backache and tachycardia. I'm one miserable bag of bones today.

I'm going to work, though. I didn't go yesterday and I feel such guilt when I don't go.
Of course, I also feel guilty when I don't take care of myself and keep pushing contrary to what doctors have told me to do.
Somewhere back in my ancestry is a Jewish woman because I do guilt like the pro's.
My BooBoo is heading to Atlanta soon. Hope he plans to come see his old mom. (that was a subliminal message... see, I told ya we've got some Jew in us!)
I'm exhausted. When your heart rate is too high over a period of several hours, you feel like you've been doing non-stop cardio.
Too bad it doesn't cause weight loss.
The opposite seems to be true. When I'm tachycardic I lose my appetite but I crave sugar. I'm sure there's a blood sugar connection somewhere and I'm going to discuss with the cardiologist.
Regular doctor, pain doctor, pulmonologist, physical therapist, cardiologist... I'm stimulating the economy - at least for the medical community.
Watched a lot of the Casey Anthony trial yesterday. That is one dysfunctional family. They are a lifetime movie just waiting to be filmed. Dad and brother molest daughter... mother lies about her computer usage and work schedule... dad lies about his affair... daughter lies about the disposition of her daughter... mom lies about hiring detectives... brother calls mom out on detective lie... oh what a tangled web we weave, Anthony family.
I've thought about using my blog as a platform to share my knowledge as an insurance agent. I think most people know just enough about insurance to get themselves in trouble. My favorite part of my job is educating people.
ok... gotta get some glam underway... pray for me today. I'm desperate to get some hours in at work and lacking the energy to do much.
love and hugs, y'all.