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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, June 17, 2011

finally friday!

Yikes! I only have fifteen minutes to blog this morning... have to leave the house by 7:15 to get to Gainesville for my appointment with the cardiologist... I've been enjoying a peaceful, unrushed morning as if I had nowhere to go and nothing to do... but I do... cardiologist, work, lunch at Jim and Angie's (and also to take pictures of their house for their homeowners insurance) more work... and then... crash. The good news is that, Lord willing, I'll be back settled in my nest in just 12 short hours.

This morning my back pain is searing... I ran out of the neurotin - it's a medication that makes your nerves less sensitive so it takes the edge off of the pain without making you Cheech and Chong comfortable. I ran out because my doctor initially prescribed two a day and then increased me to three a day without changing the prescription at the pharmacy... so my insurance thinks I need 60 pills a month when I actually need 90... so they won't allow the refill until next week. Instead of calling the pain doctor and raising a stink, I thought it would be a good time to try to wean off of that medication... and... that's not really working for me... so I am mega-uncomfortable today.

Ten minutes left. Oy. I am still tossing around this whole post about logic - how this world has evolved to a place that is completely illogical but... it will take a while for me to completely develop that thought and I just don't have time to think. Sad but true. So you'll be getting blog-lite again today.

Yesterday at work the computer was down about half of the day. We're already short handed and the loss of our computer made it dang near impossible to get things done and made for a day that dripped past like molasses in the winter. It made me completely discombobulated. Hopefully today it will be faster so I can finish up the things I didn't finish yesterday - and I will be in the office less than a 8 hour day today since I'm going to Gainesville first... and have to be out taking pictures which will extend my lunch. Hopefully... it will help to not have to sit as long today. Sitting = pain.

I'm really exhausted this morning. Tachycardia is fluttering... I've learned if I take deep, slow breaths it eases up. But it makes me feel sooooo tired. Also struggling with my tummy this morning. I'm nowhere near 100% today but I'll fake it until I make it... gotta get this day on the payroll.

Time is just about up... gotta get the glam routine going... and figure out an outfit that will be comfortable, cool and easy to get in and out of at the doctor. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! Love and hugs!