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My People
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

boring little quiet peaceful weekend here in the nest

Battling a miserable headache this morning... yesterday... I guess all weekend. Therefore I am less than my normally articulate self. Subsequently, any recap of my weekend would be miserably boring. However, I will attempt, nonetheless.

Yesterday morning I went to the gas station and filled up my car. The price at the Cleveland Ingles was $3.59 per gallon. My total was about $28. I have a small tank.

I then went to the grocery store and picked up enough groceries to get us through a few days. More than a few days. I'm trying to build a decent pantry and freezer full - not in that *coupon crazy* doomsday sort of mentality but just so that if I'm not up to going to the store, we don't end up eating ramen noodles. Not that there's anything wrong with ramen noodles or that we're above eating ramen noodles. It's just that ramen noodles are low on nutrition and high on sodium. I can't remember how much I spent at the grocery store but I can tell you that I stocked up on freezer items, ready to eat food (ugh. high sodium) and juice - because i was thirsty. I also stocked up on condiments because for some reason... condiments seem to get sucked into that great hoarding vortex of Austin's room. Every time I go on a recon mission in his room there is inevitably a half used bottle of ketchup and a jar of peanut butter among his diverse biological experiments.

After the grocery store I went to McDonalds and picked up Austin's 2 bacon, egg and cheese McGriddles, picked myself up an egg mcmuffin (because the last time I got oatmeal at that McDonalds they didn't mix it properly and it was stone cold) and a large sweet tea - for Austin. Not for me. I was drinking my usual grocery store treat of carrot/fruit juice blend that they sell in the produce section.

Next up... (still with me?) ... to Rite Aid to pick up my antibiotic for my bronchitis and the diuretic that the doctor thinks will help lower my blood pressure. I also had two refills waiting that I forgot were waiting. Not that I have skipped any medications... I just stocked up at the end of the year and therefore have a little surplus. I'm totally sounding like someone who lived through the depression with my surplussing. If that's a word.

THEN... to the library to return the books that were supposed to go back last week.
and... home before 9:30am, back into my pjs... groceries put away... spent my day surfing the net and watching tv. oh... and battling the effects of the diuretic and antibiotic. I'll spare you the details... just suffice to say that yesterday I was worthless and loving it.

And here I am again today... right at 9:30am... and once again... up before the sun... stupidly high blood pressure for having spent the day chillin' yesterday... insanely painful headache... sick from the antibiotic... battling random nose bleeds... miserable nausea... and thanking God with all my heart that I don't have to leave my house for the next 22 hours.

We were completely out of cat food so I had to drag the disgruntled teen out of bed to go with me to the dollar store where we buy our cat food - $8.50 for a 13 pound bag which will last us a month, give or take a few days. It's a shame you can't feed a teenager as cheaply as you can feed two cats. I also let Austin buy a new set of headphones and a big jar of cheesy poofs as a reward for tagging along so early in the day.

We drove through Glenda's and ordered two CHICKEN plates with scrambled eggs, grits, gravy and biscuits for breakfast... Austin noted that I never sounded more country than I did when ordering at Glenda's... I guess it's like ordering in Spanish at a Mexican Restaurant... I speak country at Glenda's... which apparently, I'm not that good at because we came home with two BACON plates instead of CHICKEN plates. And since my blood pressure is already high, I didn't dare eat bacon, so Austin had about a dozen slices of bacon with his breakfast.

I stopped off at the Exxon to pick up a Sunday paper... and now we are home again... settled in... finally able to take something for the headache.... and waiting for the purple unicorns to start flying by....

On a more serious note... Jim and I grew up with several sibling duos, you know, younger sibling in my classes, older sibling in his... apparently the two year spacing for children was popular in the sixties... well, yesterday Alisa, (who is my age) lost her sister Heather (who is Jim's age) after a decades long battle with lupus. I've never lost a sibling... but I know how important my older sibling is in my life and I know that even though Heather suffered quite a bit, I know that her family is grieving her loss. 45 is much too young... Please keep Alisa and her family in your prayers.

Also, a little bittersweet Daytona race today... Austin and I couldn't help but think of my ex-brother-in-law Tim who passed last May... he loved Nascar. He would be firing up the grill and blasting the surround sound until it shook the walls... Austin said we should get a six pack and drink in his honor... but of course, since I don't drink and Austin is too young to drink... we're just remembering him with love today.

Hope you all have a great Sunday... love and hugs...


Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with ramen noodles, but if you are having blood pressure problems use half the seasoning packet or throw it out and don't use it. One seasoning packet has 1560 mg of sodium. After they cook drain liquid and add something else. Maybe scrambled egg and peas. Make it like an oriental rice but you would have noodles instead of rice. Experiment who knows you might come up with a winner. I sometimes just flavor with salad dressing. Ranch makes it like a pasta salad.