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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

This is not  the earliest picture we have (of course) of Sarabeth, Jamie and their best friend, my adopted niece, Jorjann, but it will give us a good comparison of how much these girls are growing up! (there are also pictures from just a year and a half ago on the sidebar of my blog)...  I'm so proud of them! Left is Sarabeth and Jorjann at a wedding... Sarabeth was a Jr. Bridesmaid. She's been promoted from flower girl... and she's been a flower girl a half dozen times or so.
And below that is  our "grown up" Jamie dancing with a friend at the same wedding. These girls have been in so many weddings that it wouldn't surprise me if one of them grew up to be a wedding planner.  This is what happens when your parents are heavily involved in the lives of young people... and you're a perfectly matched set of redheads...

I snagged these pictures off of facebook. I also snagged another picture that just makes my heart melt in the way that your heart can melt when precious little girls happen to mothers of little boys. If you've never been that woman who longs for a little girl to take to dance class... and cheerleading... and to put bows in her hair and dress her in frilly dresses... and if every blessed event brings you a bundle of blue... which is what happened to me, times three... and what makes me an expert on the subject of boy mamas and how, although we love cheering them on at the ball field and finding little treasures in dirty little pockets... although we would never trade a single one of our boys for one of those little girls we long for... there's still this little corner of your heart that is the tiniest bit wistful that we never had a little girl to love. One (very wise) lady once told me that "mothers of little boys get their daughters when their sons grow up" and it's true. I certainly couldn't have raised one nearly as wonderful as the one my son married.

I just think that God has a special way of filling in those gaps in our lives by giving us nieces and daughters-in-law - and eventually, for some of us (not me, at least, not yet) granddaughters. On the right is  Little Ava,, the granddaughter of my friend Sheree. I'm posting this without permission (so I hope she won't mind) but when Sheree posted this yesterday I just knew I had to blog about it! Back when we were young(er) mothers, Sheree and I bonded over a lot of things - having kids in the same school and at the same ball park, living in the same neighborhood, having mutual irritation with the same people (girl mamas... UGH! there was one that we were SURE was put on earth just to rub it in our faces that she had a little girl and WE didn't!) and just by the fact that we both drew the blue ticket repeatedly in the baby lottery.  So this Little Miss Muffet campaigning for her daddy... made my heart just about BUST with pride for Sheree. I know she has to be just absolutely over the moon for this baby girl! And I know how proud Sheree must be to have a son running for political office (because I was excited just by the fact that my boys registered to vote).  Raising boys to be contributing members of society... especially if they bring daughters-in-law and/or granddaughters into your life... well, what more could a boy mama ask for?

Anyways... today was a really long day. I went to the pharmacy to drop off a refill for my back meds (completely out, which set me up for being uncomfortable no matter what else I had done or hadn't done) then I took Marquee to school and then took my mom to the doctor (she hurt her back) and then we dropped off her prescriptions. We got back home and had a bite of lunch and started to get settled in and then we found out that the seller had accepted my parents offer for the house they want to buy in the mountains... (just a few miles from where I was living and just a few miles from my little red-haired girls!). Pop was in North Carolina at Grandma's house, getting it ready to sell and mama needed to get money wired to the escrow account for the house. Mama had a pain shot so she couldn't drive so I took her up to the bank and then what should have been a ten minute transaction at Wells Fargo (that's a blog for another day) ended up in a two hour ordeal. We got home... settled in for a few minutes and then Cody and Marquee came over and we decided what to have for dinner... and then Cody went and picked it up... and the dogs got in a fight over breadsticks... lots and lots of coming and going and letting dogs in and letting dogs out and feeding cats and coming and going and... I'm worn out. Mama and I have both sworn that we are not leaving the house tomorrow. Other than to pick up my prescription, that is. 

Hope you had a great Thursday... one more day until the Olympics! Woohoo!


Natalie said...

The girls really are growing up! We miss Aunt Heather and hopes she visits soon!