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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, July 22, 2012

*yawn* Miss me?

This may have been the longest gap EV-UH between blog entries. It wasn't intentional. It wasn't just that there wasn't anything to blog about (when has that ever stopped me?). The computer is working fine. I actually worked on a few genealogical blog entries that ended up requiring more research and I got bogged down in the research to the point that I was too bogged to blog.

So here are a few highlights from the past few days, in no particular order:

I got new tires (and needed them desperately)
I had dinner with mama, daddy, Cody and Marquee at O'Charleys
I watched countless hours of the wall to wall coverage about the Movie Theater Massacre
I wondered *judgmentally* why anyone would take small children to a midnight movie
I spent another countless number of hours working on
I have petted, brushed, fed and watered most of the countless four legged creatures in our house
I went grocery shopping and pet shopping with Pop
I have been haunted by a nasty migraine that keeps resurfacing
I got a text from Austin asking for more money
I have had a dozen dreams about Austin asking for money
I have washed dishes a few times
I got a call from an old friend and may, (possibly, not holding my breath) have lunch with him today
I have dealt with more pain than usual, not sure why
I had Captain D's for dinner on Friday
I made my awesome chicken sausage, kale and orzo dinner
I made some really good quinoa
I have eaten a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches
I decided not to make the trip to the mountains today for my doctor appointment tomorrow
Rather, I should say, I decided to postpone the doctor appointment
I got another "still in limbo" job response so... no job yet
I'm beginning to think that the hold up is what I think the hold up is
A friend of a friend is opening a new insurance agency (not State Farm) and may want a part time person (like me) who is already licensed (like me)
Other than that... I'm one disappointment away from Walmart greeter
I have had more than my share of bad hair days
My hanging clothes are still riding around in my trunk - or, as my dad says, "Living out of my car"
Actually... I have the biggest bedroom in the house, it's just missing a closet
I still haven't scanned the fourteen shoe boxes of pictures in my room
I did a load of laundry.
I have been amazed at how my laundry pile has shrunk minus one teenager
We're still looking for a place for grandma (and by "we" I mean my dad and his siblings)
My parents' got a counter offer on the mountain house they want to buy and countered the counter.
My aunt and uncle are heading out to Texas via motor home and then Italy, not by motor home.
I haven't made any paper dolls yet.
Marquee has one week of summer school left then has a two week break before fall semester.

And that's about all I can type for you at the moment because Oscar is demanding my attention... nothing like having a cold little dachshund snout trying to push your hands away from the keyboard.

Hope all is well! Love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hello seems like things are going good Hey just a suggestion Austin wanted to be on his own you should really make him pay his own way and stop handing money to him cause if you keep giving money he will never learn to get a job he will think he can always come to you Now Iam not saying cut him off cold turkey But maybe give him a heads up that for 2 more months you will send money But then after 2 months the money stops this will give him time to get a job then after the 2 months if there is no job do not send money let him fend for himself You really need to stop allowing him to think he has no responsibilitys just a suggestion Take care God Bless

Heather said...

Well... i haven't really given him money. I gave him a little before I left (thinking his father was going to honor his promise to give ME some money) and I paid for his phone for July (again, based on what his dad had said, I certainly didn't have it to spare) I cashed his graduation checks and sent him the cash and that's the end of it. I haven't worked in four months, there's no money left to send him, even if I wanted to.