My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Finish Friday

All is well (and quiet) on the mountain home-front. The doctor visit went about the same as usual. Another new med. Blood pressure was 106/84 AFTER driving through Atlanta traffic and fog to get there. I think I've got this blood pressure thing licked! 

I went and bought living room furniture for the mountain house (with Pop's credit card, don't get excited... I'm not making THAT much money!)  An old friend stopped by to visit this afternoon and fortunately was here when one of the neighbors stopped by to say hello. (Otherwise I would never have dreamed of answering the door - there's still too much Riverdale in me for that!) The old fella was retired military and really nice and encouraged me to wander around to the other side of the lake. Maybe one day... today I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet. 

Here are a few photos that were rattling around in my camera:
Oscar DOES know how to eat from a doggie dish on the floor, instead of his usual dining habit of being hand fed. Ahem. 

 Our sweet Lily girl... covered up with Oscar's blanket. She's a love... except when she wakes us up at 2am to go out... or when one of the other animals comes between her and food. 

 Little kitty playing Produce Soccer - his favorite game. This involves quite a bit of skill... he had to knock the tomato down from the top of the microwave... then sort of bob for it to put it up on the jelly jar... all of this without thumbs!
 Don't worry... we didn't EAT it.

 oops! Rolled off the counter. Guess who went after it? Lily. 

 The view off the back porch this evening. Ahhh!