My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, September 2, 2012

quick update

We have internet here at the mountain house but I've been too busy to take advantage of it much.
We also have ROKU which is a tiny device that allows you to display videos and channels from the internet onto your tv, things like Netflix.
Austin understands it way better than I do and he's been trying to teach us but...
I still haven't figured out how that will allow us to watch college football on the weekends we're up here...
But it makes more sense than signing up for satellite service for the few days a month we can be here.
At any rate...
Took Pop to Loganberry Farm yesterday to meet "Organic Rose" and buy a few things.
We made a huge, major Walmart run to buy lots and lots of things for the house.
A couple of them didn't work - we got a propane grill when we wanted a plain old charcoal grill - we bought the wrong kind of lightbulbs for my bathroom - stuff like that.
They couldn't get the lawn mower to start and Jim and Angie worked on that for a long time... and got it fixed.
Bubba brought back the book shelf that had fallen apart two years ago. He repaired it and painted it although he said it's not designed to hold the quantity of books I was using.
It's a stuffed animal/barbie shelf now.
There's still a shortage of beds here - it's a strictly "byob" household. Bring Your Own Bed.
My bed is in mawmaw and pop's room but it's not big enough for them to sleep comfortably on together.
I'm sleeping on my couch. I slept for ten hours last night.
Mawmaw slept on a pallet on the floor with the dogs.
Austin slept in the recliner.
For dinner last night we had Jim and Angie, Sarabeth and Jamie over, plus Angie's mom Trudy aka Grammy, the nice guy who helped us move in last week and Austin.
We grilled out burgers, had chips and baked beans.
I bought a huge, awesome, completely sinful coconut cake from the bakery for dessert. Nancy at the bakery was so glad to see me and Austin. I love this place!
We have more family coming up for the night... can't wait to see them. Hopefully Austin and I can get the right kind of pump for the air mattress for them to sleep on.
I'm also taking him to get a haircut.
Returning the things at Walmart that were wrong, buying the things we forgot, picking up Austin's girlfriend from town so she can hang out with us.
And so on and so on and so on.
Busy but it's the kind of happy, relaxing, productive busy.
Eventually this place will be just an awesome haven where we come to rest.
In the meantime... y'all have a great weekend and I'll check in again when I can!