My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday - Fun With Jamie, Tuesday - Fun With Snow

 Yesterday after school with Jamie... we watched My Little Pony, drank hot chocolate, ate chocolate chip cookies that Mawmaw and Pop made and played outside. She's my favorite visitor to the Whine Cellar!

 She wanted me to watch her climb up and down the fountain. She said she's smart like my cat and knows exactly where to step. I heart her!

 I look awful but she is adorbs!
She won a lead role in her class musical! She's just so full of personality and life. She's a real spark plug and I'm lucky to be her aunt.

Yesterday was not pain free and I am still relying heavily on cold meds to keep the snot under control but I had a good time hanging out with my girl. Every day has a bright spot, you just have to look for it. My Little Pony is *probably* not my favorite show to watch but I love watching it with Jamie.
 I am not sure there is a bed big enough for a human and a cat. This Little Kitty manages to position himself in such a way that I'm sleeping like a question mark - or across the foot of the bed... it's like it's HIS bed and he just lets me sleep in it.
Can you see the fur extended across the bed? That's my sweet boy.

I got up around 8am this morning. Snow was predicted further south but we were expecting only a dusting, if that. I was pretty bummed about not getting snow. Austin and I made a grocery run this morning and I went to the library for the first time in a long time. Snow flurries started while we were out but still, I didn't expect much.

 Little Kitty had never seen snow before so he was fascinated by it. He spent a lot of time in the windows looking out. I carried him out and let him feel the snow falling on him. He was not a fan.
As the snow began to fall steadily, I realized that we were going to get some *measurable* snowfall. I know that for those of you who live further north, a dusting of snow is just your average Tuesday. It's still a big deal to me. I still get really excited about the white stuff. I don't want it all Winter. I'm happy with one or two good "snow days" a year. I spent a lot of time this afternoon wandering in and out, up and downstairs taking photos of the snow.

 I wasn't the only one enjoying the snow.
 Austin's mini snowman.

This is the first snowfall we've had here at Cedar Hollow. I've never lived on or near a body of water before so I've never gotten to enjoy this kind of view in the snow. The pictures are nice but they really don't do it justice.
 Playing in the snow. Barefoot.
Wish I had a zoom lens... this little cardinal was so pretty against the winter backdrop.

 We ended up somewhere around two inches of snow. I know it's not much but it was enough. For us, it was great that the forecast was wrong and we got to enjoy a winter wonderland. For many in Georgia however, this has become a real nightmare. Traffic is pure gridlock. Several school systems didn't close thinking there wouldn't be much snow and ended up closing midday. There are many, many cases of buses not being able to get kids home and there are many kids spending the night at school tonight.
 For kids who don't adjust easily - kids like Austin- that would have been a NIGHTMARE scenario. He was also on medication that would not have been at school with him.

In 1982 there was a snow storm that started in the middle of the day like this and cars were stuck on the interstate for hours. I was only in 8th grade then but I never forgot. For me... threat of snow means one thing: keep your butt at home. I've never been one to "brave the storm". There are a lot of people still on the roads tonight and things are a mess.

And of course, now things are really different for me. My back pain first started after our last big snow event in 2011. Now I don't take any risks on slipping or falling, it would be disastrous.  I only ventured out into the snow once today - on the side porch to take some photos. Most of the pictures have been taken from the safety of my covered patio. I made sure to stay on dry ground!
 Austin decided to make a big pile of snow. I'm not sure what he was going to do with it... but he WAS wearing shoes in this photo.  Pop slid a little coming down the hill but didn't hit the ground.

 Just can't get enough of this view!

Oscar playing in the snow.
 Bird watching....

 The driveway is covered with snow. Fortunately we have plenty of food and don't have to go anywhere until things melt. Tomorrow won't be above freezing - or maybe only by a degree or two - so this will be here tomorrow and then by Thursday afternoon it will be in the 40's so it will start to thaw. We're expecting temperatures in the sixties this weekend so it won't last long. Just long enough.
 And by then I'll be ready for Spring.

Hope you're all safe and warm! Love and hugs, y'all!