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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Selfies Standing On A Chair

Wake up time: I fall asleep. I wake up. I fall asleep. I wake up. I lose track of time. What can you do? Austin caulked my windows yesterday since we're expecting to be near zero degrees Sunday night. Living in a basement is great if your hot natured like me but even I have a "freezing point". What do the windows being caulked have to do with sleeping? I don't know. Hopefully it means I sleep better. I took my bedtime meds earlier than usual tonight which is why I'm blogging earlier. Also, nothing to do with waking up.

How I'm feeling: was on my feet a bit more today so I'm feeling a bit more pain than yesterday but still not so bad
hoodie, fleece leggings, blue fuzzy socks
How's the weather? Cold and colder. It was 21 degrees when I set out this morning. Thankfully my dad's car has heated seats so I didn't suffer. 

What I wore today: white tshirt and jeans with hoodie to the store... then I changed into a my new hooded sweater (after the mailman came and that package from zulily finally got here!) I changed from jeans to my fleece leggings. Fleece leggings are the best thing since sliced bread. 

Hairstyle of the day: it ain't purdy. frizzy and wild. tried to tame it with a ponytail when I went into town but it was still pretty out there. I should have straightened it after I washed it yesterday but I just didn't want to be bothered. I'm going to have a few bad hair days in a row because of it but... eh... who cares? 

Makeup: mascara and chapstick. I was not looking my best. Then this old fella tried to pick me up in Ingles. He struck up a conversation about the prices in the bakery and followed me to the chip aisle. He followed me to the cookie aisle and on down toward frozen food. I was zigzagging trying to (politely) lose him and then finally faked like I was married by dropping a "husband" comment. Look... he might have been a nice guy but seriously, I'm not interested in any fellow so desperate that he's picking up strange women in the the grocery store. Call me picky. 
New oversized sweater/hoodie with leggings and fuzzy socks
Little Kitty saying, "what the heck are you doing standing on a chair?"
Little Kitty laying on his back beside me resting his head on my laptop. 

What I watched today: A lot of C-Span Book TV, some documentaries I had recorded on the DVR and Saving Private Ryan. I'd never seen Saving Private Ryan before. 

What I'm reading: Almost finished with the Arnold biography. Been reading this blog because the girl has a really unique sense of style. I started back at the beginning of her blog and read through three years. 

What I ate today: breakfast was grits, biscuit and gravy and smoked sausage. When my dad retired (last week) the folks from the cafeteria in his building gave him a basket with grits, eggs and smoked sausage because that was what he had for breakfast every day.  For our midday meal I made stuffed shells - three pans worth so we have lots of leftovers. I also had stuffed shells for dinner. They were really good. I used a ground beef/spinach/ricotta cheese/parmesan cheese mixture to stuff. It was a lot of work but it was worth it and... it's the first time I've cooked all week. 

What I drank today: hot apple cider and Bolthouse farms berries and carrot juice. I need a juicer. 

Where I went today: I went to Ingles this morning around 8:30. It was much colder than I'm used to but I wanted to make the stuffed shells so I needed to get the stuff for it. I also picked up some of the snacky stuff I like to munch on - you know, Little Debbies, pringles, bagel chips, carrots and hummus - most of it not healthy. I'm working on it.  Avocados were on sale so I got stuff to make tabbouleh with tomatoes and avocados. That's healthy. 

What I did today:  Went to the grocery store, made stuffed shells, read a blog, played Farmville2, cuddled with my kitty

Visitors to the Hollow:  Austin's friend Sean came over and brought Austin a projector for his xbox. Gamers. 

Goals for the week/on the wish list:  Still want to get that white shelf moved. Still need to restore order to the Whine Cellar from where we had to remove some carpet tiles with the flooding we had before Christmas. 

Thought for the day: Fleece leggings are the best. I can't emphasize this enough.