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My People
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today in Pictures

Still sick. Not coughing as long as I don't climb stairs or do anything slightly aerobic but that cough is lingering, just waiting on an excuse to afflict me. My head and chest feels stuffed with cotton. I feel flu-ish, like I've been hit by a truck but that's hardly a judge of anything because my fibromyalgia makes me feel like that fairly often.

So... my dad went to my cousin's wedding in my place He also picked them up a nice rice cooker that I was totally coveting! I'm home watching my usual Saturday line up of documentaries, college basketball and FoxNews. It's a wild life, I know you're jealous. I wouldn't have made a very pleasant guest with my fever and constant snot drippings and over-the-top fatigue. I didn't want to get anybody else sick and I didn't want to be around family members and not be able to hug them.

I did manage to make a grocery run with Pop this morning. He and I are the ones who mainly do all the cooking although my mom did cook a frozen pizza for us tonight for dinner and she has been known to do a little baking from time to time. Austin makes a killer french toast and will occasionally take a turn in the kitchen. Mostly it's just me and Pop, mostly Pop. I like to leave out at "first light" and Pop is an early riser so he's happy to get out and about early with me. And of course, it's good to have time to hang out with my daddy. We have a good time.

I love getting out of the house when there are no crowds and everything is quiet. We were at the market by just a little after 8am. I let Pop drive so I could try to take photos from the car. I'm including those for you and I hope they're not boring. We don't have snow. We have a little ice on the lake and we're fascinated by it. But you can definitely tell that these are Winter photos.

So that's it. Send me some get well vibes, if you could. Hope you're all happy, healthy and warm! Love and hugs!

fountain at the driveway... frozen
 Little Miss Horse at the end of Cedar Hollow.
 Lovely scene off of Stovall Rd- little pond in the foreground and mountains in the background
 See that mountain over there? One of these days I'm gonna climb that there mountain.. mountain... mountain...

Can you tell me what song that's from?

 Our old County Courthouse on the square in Cleveland. We need to check out the museum there. That might be fun for something to do. I have GOT to do more.
Highway 129 North heading through town. That church in the center of the picture is the First Baptist Church of Cleveland.
 Just another cold weather mountain photo. Wish these mountains were covered with snow. Someday. Maybe This is the Catholic church in town.

 And home... the look at the lake from driveway. Not completely frozen over but big chunks of ice floating around trying to find someone to hook up with. Makes for great entertainment.

Little Kitty helping me wrap the wedding gift for my cousin and her new hubs.

Since I really suck at actually going anywhere or doing anything, I am extending an invitation to my blog readers, both friends in real life and friend in cyberspace. We have two guest rooms. We're on a lake in a lovely area. We are roughly 90 miles from Atlanta. We'd love to have company. Come spend a weekend with us. Plan to make a meal or two and we'll handle a meal or two. We're pet friendly and kid friendly. We're not set up to charge for lodging but you could always tip your Happy Hostess! Life is lonely. Come see me, people! *Disclaimer - if we don't know you in real like we may go through a step or two of validating who you are - can't be too careful - but seriously, this is a great place to vacay. Take a trip to hang out with the homebound blogger! I'm really lonely, y'all. I promise to show you my favorite places in White County. 

And that's all. 
Happy Weekend.
Love and hugs! 


Anonymous said... may end up with some visitors from Nor Cal if you keep inviting me!!! LOL. I would LIVE a weekend away. More than you can possibly know right now. 😜👍

Anonymous said... bad...LOVE! I would LOVE a weekend away. 😜

Heather said...

Jen you KNOW you'd love it here!