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My People
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

What June Looks Like - The Outdoor Version

Another week is flying by and I have barely blogged enough to convince you that I am still among the living. I am. Living. Got a bit of a sore throat and the usual aches and pains but Austin's been hanging out at his girlfriend's all week and it's been pure bliss down here in the Whine Cellar!

I'm also very excited about the start of another season of Big Brother. Unlike Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc, Big Brother is only on once a year except for that one forgettable Winter season that stunk. Last night they introduced half of the cast - a big twist because they usually all enter the house at the exact same time - and I'm encouraged that this will be a much more interesting group than in years past. One houseguest's personal Facebook page shows that we have two mutual friends and I am REALLY excited about that two degrees of separation with him! It's like the season when my (then) husband was working with the business partner of Mike Boogie - it made the characters seem more like real people than plastic wannabe actors right out of central casting. The live feed isn't in my budget but I still plan to follow along with all the recaps and watch the broadcast and waste a lot of time on Big Brother this Summer.

I posted a dozen cat pictures the other day to show you what life is looking like indoors here at Cedar Hollow so this afternoon I ventured into the great outdoors to take a few snapshots of life OUTDOORS. Riveting blog fodder, I know. It's all I've got. Buckle up, folks, here goes!

 My brother made a glider for my parents and it never did glide right so my mom took it apart to make a lovely bench and (once we add a board) table for the porch. Today she painted it. So that was new.
Also new... courtesy of our good friends at Lowe's... an outdoor dining set. While at Lowe's my parents met a neighbor, the one who lives behind the scary fence with the rebel flag and "don't tread on me" flag on it... he told them that there's a guy who lives in the nudist colony across the street from him goes horseback riding in the nude. Glad we haven't come across that sight! I might run off the road.
Remember all the excitement last Summer about my huge mushrooms in the front forest? (You can't really call it a yard). There's a new one this year and I've named him Marvin. You're welcome, Marvin. I thought you might enjoy that. 

There's a new trellis for one of the rose bushes beside my porch. When Little Kitty and I were outside exploring this morning he noticed it and had to put his little paws on it to see what it was. He is so OCD that he notices anything different, whether it's inside or out.
 Another view of the new trellis so you can see it in relation to my porch swing and rocking chair. Even on the hottest days by mid-afternoon the porch is shaded and it's pleasant to sit outside.
 Garden bed #1
Tomatoes are getting large and squash is blooming. I think that's squash. I can't tell until something grows.
Garden bed #2
Contains squash. I know this because there are squash in it. Actual, just about ready to pick squash.
 The other side of the flower bed beside my porch. You can see two kitty cats on the shelf right inside the door. Look for the glowing eyes - and the arrows pointing out the kitty cats.
Garden bed #3, contents unknown to me, surrounded by new fence to keep out deer
Blackberry bushes
Wildflowers growing on hill (that's the tall stuff, you can't really see the flowers but in real life it looks like flowers, not tall grass)

Close up of blackberry bush
Berries I picked tonight. I covered them in sugar to sit overnight and will have them for breakfast tomorrow! Mmmm!

AND.... that's what June looks like outside here at Cedar Hollow!
Love and hugs, y'all!