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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What June Looks Like

Cats in boxes

Cats on shelves

Cats in chairs and nests and beds

Stubby took over Jamie's nest last week and has been proudly perching on the snuggie she likes to cover up with ever since. When he first settled there she said, "Oh Stubby! Now Mawmaw is going to have to wash all my blankets!" since she's allergic.

This is my pillow... my favorite pillow. I sleep on it until Little Kitty gets in bed with me. He is so determined to sleep on MY pillow that he will sit on my head until I move. The sweetest thing is that when he lays beside me he pets me on the head until he falls asleep. And he sleeps with one paw touching me. It's just precious! 

I also think it's cute that he naps in the same spaces at the same time every day. The "penthouse" - the top of the pantry shelf with the sleeping bag on top - is where he goes down (or up) for a nap at 7pm every night. He sleeps somewhere on the main floor or top floor of the house during the day. At night he sleeps with me. I think he sleeps about 23 hours a day. 

Eddie sleeps in the box on the lower shelf when he comes down in the evenings for treats. When I get out of my nest, he climbs into it and enjoys the warmth left behind by myself and my heating pad. 

I've been keeping busy with a cross-stitch kit that my grandma sent me... I'm about 11 days in and making good progress 
but I've made a dozen little mistakes so who knows what it will look like when it's finished. I'm enjoying it so much that I'm thinking about taking on a few more cross stitch projects for Christmas gifts. We'll see. Mom and I looked at materials in Walmart yesterday but I wanted to hold off on buying anything until I get through this project and see if I'm still in the mood for stitchin'. 

The weather has been hot and steamy and I've been eating mostly fruit and salads and such. The last time I checked I was down ten pounds from my birthday which is a tiny, tiny amount of weight to lose and trust me - hasn't made a bit of difference in how I look - but at least I'm going in the right direction for once. I splurged on a pound of cherries yesterday as a treat. My parents made this really good salad out of the latest Southern Living magazine with peas and pasta and mint and a lemon-shallot viniagrette. It was SO good! We decided it needed a few less peas and some ham or something extra tossed in. Pop had grilled steaks the night before so I tossed in some leftover steak. Really yummy! 

We've had to put fences around some of the raised bed gardens because of deer. You can tell my Jamie has been a country girl all her life. When I asked, "Do you know why Pop had to put a fence around the garden?" She said, "to keep the deer out?" Gold star. I'll take some outdoor pictures later on to share. Things are blooming and growing and it's all quite verdant and lovely out there. 

I'm reading Bill O'Reilly's book, Killing Jesus which has (so far) proven to be a very informative, much more in depth exploration into the crucifixion.I'm having to take it in small chunks because it's not a light read by any stretch. 

And of course, I pass my days with the tv playing in the background. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I just listen but it's on while I'm awake. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm enjoying watching The Bachelorette and am looking forward to Big Brother which starts TOMORROW (please let it be a fun cast this year!). 

So that's what June looks like around here... hope yours is going well! Love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

10 pounds is not a tiny amount of weight! That is alot. Celebrate! How do you feel? Every pound counts to take pressure off you back and knees and give you extra energy. Congratulations! You seem really focused on health rather then weight loss. That's the key.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel any different yet even if a little? More energy, less back pain, not tired as easily, breathing better.