My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Randoms

Yesterday's post got more views than any other post I've written all year. I guess that means I should do more editorials and fewer whines here on the old blog. I'll work on that. Usually I do my best writing when I'm either passionate or really hacked off about something. Being a hermit means I rarely get motivated one way or another unless it affects my person or my pocketbook or comes across via television or internet. I mean, it's great for my blood pressure, bad for my creativity. Plus, I'm most creative while driving alone and I rarely go far and don't often go alone.

At any rate... here are some snagged photos of my eldest, Ryan and his lovely Lady Sara from their vacation to Myrtle Beach. They're pretty durn cute, if I do say so myself!


Come home soon, Boo! I miss you!

Today was my regularly scheduled visit to the pain clinic plus my bi-annual mammogram. I love how pampered they make you feel at the Imaging Center for mammograms... I mean, the robes are comfy and thick enough that you don't feel exposed while you're waiting with the other ladies... they even WARM the robes for you! They have snacks out and beverages in the waiting room. It's like they want to make it up to you for having to be naked from the waist up while someone makes your girls two-dimensional. It's a shame every doctor experience isn't so luxurious. Maybe I'm just going to the wrong doctors.

I will say that the pain clinic is wonderfully accommodating. I never, ever, ever have to wait. Dr. Matt is such a sweet guy and always remembers what is going on with me. He always has plenty of time to discuss things - which is weird since I never have to wait - and respects my input. The Nurse Practitioner I saw at the County Health Department had suggested a medication that might be able to lessen my need for some other meds I'm taking that are less desirable (and more expensive). I had researched things and told him why I thought the new drug was a good idea and he totally agreed. I know that pain clinics are often frequented by people who have less noble reasons for visiting and I feel like he gets that I am not an addict, nor do I want to be an addict. So, anyways, this was an uneventful visit other than adding the new medication with the hopes of weaning off some others.

I've got a few thoughts about the reporter who was beheaded by a terrorist. That's coming soon.

I've also been really thinking about what it will be like to be a grandmother because although there's not a potential grandchild on the way, it's going to happen eventually, Lord willing. I want to do some specific blog entries for my descendants because I want to make sure that my grandkids can look me up on the internet after I'm dead and gone and feel like they knew me. I won't likely live close to 2/3 of my grands but I want them to know me. When my nieces were born I lived 100+ miles away from them and we always have had a close relationship. I can do it. And my niece Jamie really likes the idea of having a baby cousin. She said all her friends have baby cousins and she doesn't. I said, "that's because you ARE the baby cousin in our family!" Another generation will be a great blessing and our family will love them to pieces.

Anyways... so that's my Thursday. Austin's off with his girlfriend and I have the Whine Cellar all to myself again! I'm looking forward to a super peaceful, anti-social Thursday night! Love and hugs to all of you!