My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, December 29, 2014

Jamie's Tenth Birthday!!

I have eaten in a restaurant three times in 2014 - my birthday, when Uncle John and Aunt Gerri were visiting and tonight, for Jamie's birthday. Sitting hurts. The hurt lingers for days after the event. I have to really be choosy about when I want to sit. Milestone birthday of mini-me... good reason to sit.

I'm going to be posting more pictures on the blog, I think. It helps me keep those who are blog readers only in the loop and will give me blog fodder when I'm not feeling very articulate. And there's another reason. I have instagram but don't have a smart phone. You have to add pictures to instagram with a tablet or smartphone. Laptop = no good. I can't figure out how to transfer photos from my camera to the tablet other than clicking on them on the good old blog and saving them to the tablet. It's a clunky process and I'm sure there's someone out there smarter than me that could figure out a better way. And... I mean... I could upgrade to a smart phone but I use my phone so rarely that I can't justify that expense. So... yay! Pictures!

First... a painting my dad did for me for Christmas. It's the view looking out my sliding glass door. I think it's perfectly lovely and although I don't know much about art appreciation, I find this picture to be warm and peaceful. Do you see that in it? Just curious.

We went out for hibachi for Jamie's birthday and also as a postscript to the holidays. Here's my Jamie girl opening my gift to her. Significant details: the paper was the same paper we used to wrap the wedding present to "the other Amanda Gant" - my cousin Mandie. The ribbon around the gift was actually tape. Really cool sparkly tape. The bow was leftover from Christmas.
 And it is....
 CRACK! Or... a box of cherry poptarts. When the girls hang out here after school, inevitably Jamie will whisper to me, "do you have any poptarts?" and I'll say, "would your mama let you have poptarts today?" And usually we agree that her mom would be ok with it. The deal is that poptarts are more of a once a week splurge rather than an every day thing. I mostly stick to the mommy/daddy rules but ... I mean, I'm the aunt who always has glitter and gum and poptarts. It's our thing.
I got artsy w/this - Mawmaw and Bethy

Better one of Sarabeth and Mawmaw

 The nice hibachi chef. He was entertaining. The food was good. I brought a TON of leftovers home. Our waitress was also celebrating a birthday today - her 27th.
 Mesmerized by the fire.
Artsy edit of a photo of Pop, my brother Bryan and his lovely lady. We have enjoyed having them here so much and are looking forward to many happy occasions in the future with Helen. She fits in well. And she makes my brother very happy which makes US all happy.

 Special pineapple birthday boat.

 Pineapple boat came with lots of little umbrellas and doodads.
More fire!

More gifts! 

 It's TWILIGHT SPARKLE! (My Little Pony is big with this young lady!)
 Dad enjoying the gifts....

I miss a lot of special occasions because of pain but I'm glad this is one I was able to be a part of. My nieces are my touchstone. They make me feel needed. And loved. And special. I treasure the relationship we have. We came back to the house for a little My Little Pony/ Equestria Girl watching, wringing every drop out of merry-making that we possibly could!

2015 is going to include a lot of special - and sometimes challenging - moments. I pray that I will have the strength to be all that I should be for the people in my life.

And now... I'm tired. Love and hugs, y'all!