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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Baby Clothes Haul!!

Before I blog about my fabulous (albeit exhausting) trip to New York, to be chronologically correct I want to share a few of the adorable little girl clothes that my mom's friend brought for Cosette on Thursday night.

Mom's friend Becky has been a part of our lives forEVER and since she works in the "birthing industry" - teaching childbirth classes and that sort of thing - was able to score some awesome hand-me-down baby clothes. Since I did EBT (early bedtime) on Thursday night I was asleep when Becky came by and it was only today that I got to sort through them.

Baby girl clothes are so adorable!!! Baby boy clothes are too (Oliver, Nana loves window shopping for things for you just as much!) but today's haul was exclusively of the pink and or feminine variety. We received two of those reusable shopping bags completely PACKED with clothes and other baby accessories/necessities. A good bit of them are 6-9 months (and perfectly seasonable for when Cosette will likely wear that size) but there are also some really, incredibly adorable itty bitty things.  I wanted to share just a few of my favorites for those who like to ooooh and aaaaah over these things like I do.

Disclaimer: This blog entry is exclusively baby clothes so if that's not your thing, standby. An adult oriented post is on the way very soon. Soonish. Before I forget all the details.

As far as girly, feminine, princess-y things, I'm a huge fan of pinks and purples but I've got to say... I'm finding this ruffly, light green seersuckerish dress absolutely precious!

And even girly blue is cute! I'm running out of ways to say cute. I'm a big fan off the matchy-matchy mixing stripes and polka dots when they're obviously meant to go together. I would have a hard time making that look work for me, but in baby clothes it's... well, it's cute!

This dress will make Austin's dad and step-mom happy. Houndstooth patterns are a signature of University of Alabama and they are a huge Bama fans. College football is a big deal in the South and you can find a lot of baby clothes that represent their parents' loyalties. I've been looking for Florida State stuff for Oliver for a month. Etsy has a lot of stuff but it's so pricey! Anyways... this dress is 6-9 months so it should fit Cosette during football season.

These. Itty. Bitty. Leggings are so sweet and should fit Cosette now. They're newborn size. I put a package of wipes beside them to show scale. Seriously tiny.

Other really, really tiny things are this onesie .....

and this little lightweight jacket. Using a normal size pacifier for scale.

This little bright yellow and black bee outfit are size three months but if she can't fit in this until it gets cool we'll just add a little cardigan or put a tiny long sleeved shirt underneath. Or, who knows, she might be able to wear it by August/September when it's still very warm here.

These onesies are 0-3 months, which, I'm finding is bigger than newborn. It's been so long since I've been around baby clothes, it might have always been that way and I just figured it out. But definitely, 0-3 months and 0-6 months are too big for Cosette now. At least I think they are... I haven't seen her since last Thursday and I miss her so much!

Sweet little girly girl sleeper ... I'm all about small patterned florals....

Like this little yellow dress.

And a jacket which should fit her by November/December when a light weight jacket would be appropriate.

And finally... some little accessories... Cosette loves wearing the hat they put on her at the hospital. We also got tons of tiny socks and shoes.

That's it for the baby haul. Stay tuned for a post on my trip to New York sometime soon.