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My People
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Migraine. Day 2. Dot. Dot. Dot.

Maybe I shouldn't call it a migraine. It's a really bad headache that is getting worse as the day progresses. It's now around 6pm and I just feel like someone punched me in the face. It was a semi-undemanding day other than having um... heated discussions... with... strong opinions regarding Austin's budgeting. You just want your kids to not make the same mistakes you did. There's that fine line between "offering suggestions" and "being controlling" and apparently I'm not on the right side. My headache got worse after that. It also got worse after our trip to the bank to retrieve necessary documents because it was so oppressively hot and humid outside. I. Hate. Summer. Except for figs. Other than figs, I will suffer any other season but Summer.

New paragraph. I woke up slightly before 5 this morning but I feel like I slept for a long stretch of time so it felt ok. We had some really unbelievable drama last night that involved filing a police report but I can't go into details because... you can understand why that sort of thing would need to be kept private. It was like... you get to the edge of what you might expect someone to do and they go so far past that line and do things that are so unbelievably... wrong... immature... I don't even know how to explain it without telling the whole story. I will just say that we were so grateful for the nice female officer who came out and understood our situation and was incredibly kind and reassuring.  There were things that were just too coincidental to be coincidence. Stuff that only certain people could know. You don't want to sound bitter or suspicious or ... whatever... but you just know that things couldn't happen like they happened without someone intending harm. The officer agreed and that helped reassure us.

I have always really clung to the Bible verse that says that "all things work together for good" and even in moments that are frustrating and heartbreaking I can see... I can see how He can use that for good and I'm at peace with that. I will say that you did get punch shy. Always wonder were the next hit is coming from. Wonder at what point your lawyer will charge you the "pain in the rear" surcharge. But just keep holding on to doing what is pure and right and just and... document the heck out of things. It's a long road and I am tired. And I have a headache which makes everything so much harder.

I love our small town so much, though. People see Austin all the time and remember him and they're just so kind to him. The lady at the bank today, for instance... and that's so reassuring. I've always said that you should live your life in such a way that if anyone says anything bad about you no one else will believe it. I'm not saying my kid is a saint. He is exasperatingly very much NOT. Sometimes his perception needs adjustment. But his heart is so pure. He just doesn't have any meanness in him. Bitterness at times, you betcha. Resentment by the truckload. But he's not malicious or mean. He works hard. He's steadfast and has shown so much inner strength this Summer. I don't know many grown men who would stand up through what he has been through and still keep going. And people notice. People ask about him, telling him things that have been said. I

I'm just gonna pat myself on the back here for a minute. I think I've earned it. And... then I'll give our prayer warriors a pat on the back because they've worked overtime here lately. Keep it up. Tomorrow is going to be a memorable day and I'm just praying that it's memorable for all the right reasons. All good things... My mom got one of those "the doctor needs to see you tomorrow" calls today so she'll be dealing with that. We'll be dog-sitting while loving on baby girl. She'll be happy because she LOVES Ooof. She doesn't have any idea that Ooof is anything other than her best friend.

And since I am falling asleep on the keyboard I will close here. Sorry it's short. Hopefully I'll have lots of good things to share tomorrow.


JazzyMae said...

Sorry you had more drama! I hope it stops soon! I'm sure for you guys its getting old.
I have to ask a question? Have you ever considered to put your son on SSI? He has Autism (high functioning) right?
I only ask because I have someone who is high functioning and she is on it. She still works.. in a grocery store also.
It is not unheard of for people with Autism to be on SSI.
Sorry if you've heard this before. I just was curious about him. Does he work full time or part? My adult child works part time. We've tried full time, we tried different depts there and even different jobs, but she is most happy doing her little part time job on the registers. Funny how she can run these big registers but she will not touch a stove or oven at 27 yrs old. She is a gamer and can master any games but she can't use a knife to save herself! So funny to me how that happens.
Anyway, we didn't know she had it until she was almost 20. And the doctor recommended that we try to get her on SSI. It was a battle but after 3 yrs we saw a judge and he put her on it for the rest of her life, no questions asked. He asked her some questions and then myself. It was tough to say things out loud about her that I had done my whole life but it had to be done.
I think she is very relieved that we did this for her. She knows she is different. She can't drive.. doctor said "DO NOT put her behind a wheel!" Of course we had her take her permit and she passed after a few times and then we put her behind the wheel! Wrong! LOL
Nope... doc was right!
So she takes the bus and very happy doing it.

Anyway.. I was just curious about Austin and if he gets any help?
Take care!

Anchoredwife said...

How did the visit go?