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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday - Terremoto and Baby Clothes

Bought this in 18 mos because... 
I learned a new word in Italian today: terremoto. It means earthquake. I am so sad for the people of Amatrice, Italy who suffered a devastating earthquake last night. To me, earthquakes are the kind of catastrophe that you just about can't prepare for. Hurricanes, you have days notice in advance. Tornados, a siren sounds. Even with wildfires, you smell smoke. But earthquakes just happen. My prayers are with them. The "prima" and "dopo" (before and after) photos are heartbreaking.

I will say, though, that is was incredibly bizarre to go to to see photos of the earthquake from an Italian news source and find that I was actually able to somewhat read the website... which is entirely in Italian. There are words here and there that I don't get but I can basically figure out what it says based on context, from the words I do understand. That felt like a breakthrough language learning moment. 

It came with this cute cardigan and I wanted her to have a larger size in it
The Carter's shipment of baby (toddler!) clothes came today. I'm putting photos of the things I got for Cosy in this blog. I shared part of Ollie's earlier and will share my favorite of his new stuff tomorrow. Mom washed Cosette's new things so that we can dress her in them if we need to tomorrow. Tomorrow is our day with Cosy (and by "our" and "we" I always mean "Austin"... but we're a family and I'm there to provide as much or as little support as he needs). She has a WIC appointment which... those can't really be changed and if they don't go, they don't get their WIC vouchers... so we'll meet up with mama so that Cosy can be at the appointment. Yes, technically it is an interruption in custody time but it's what makes the best sense for Cosy and that's what we always want to do. Usually those appointments are pretty short.

This was my "end of summer" outfit that I picked for baby girl. I just wanted to make sure we had a backup change of clothes for her if she needed something. This looks way better in person than on camera. It's a romper with tiny little seahorses and then a bigger seahorse on the bum.

These itty bitty yoga pants came from Oshkosh. They are a navy blue, although they look lighten here. It's a nice warm layer I can add to whatever she's wearing when she's down in my living room. My living room is cold 99.8% of the time. I've got several pairs of leggings or pants to help keep little legs warm

We are continuing to have peaceful communication between both sides of Cosy's family and for that, I am grateful. I had a pretty intense meltdown last week on the day after our last visit. There was some tenseness and I just basically said, "ENOUGH". We all love this little girl! What a beautiful life we could give her if all of us worked together to let her spend time with all the people who love her and can help her grow. Her daddy, who changed his whole life for her... her Nana who loves her and her cousin from the deepest part of my heart... I part I didn't even know existed... We just want to pour our lives into hers. We want her to know she is a Sauls, a Pennington, A Gant, A Ward... and all the last names that represent the deep roots of fine families from whom she has descended. We don't want to make things complicated, we just want to love her. And I don't know if it was crying out in frustration or crying out to God from that frustration but I believe things are better between Team Mom and Team Dad. Mom and I are texting in the way we used to... comparing notes, coordinating, sharing information that is helpful to help Cosy transfer back and forth between our homes. I just want it to be peacefully resolved without having to reveal any ugly personal family stuff in court.

This is a three piece set - you get the little pants with the penguin on the butt. There's a short sleeved onesie that says, "I melt my daddy's heart" and then there's a long sleeved onesie. I like that a lot of Carter's clothes are mix and match like this. I could spend a lot, lot, lot more money there but I'm trying to just give each baby a few pieces they need for each season because they grow so stinkin' fast!

I'm tired today. This afternoon has been one of those days that has me counting the hours until I can take pain meds. I was scheduled to pick Austin up from work... and he is having a very busy day at work so he didn't know when he was going to be able to leave. I finally sent him a text asking for an update and he was like, "OH... I forgot to tell you..." made plans for after work and forgot to tell me I don't have to come get him. I will not kill my child. I will not kill my child. I will NOT kill my child. I will not KILL my child.

I have yet to try any of my special fall flavored products so nothing to report yet. Haven't taken any pictures to do the "before and after" house photos. Not winning any blogging awards today. I did pay off the anesthesiologist from my surgery so... that was productive. I did learn a few more words of Italian beyond "terremoto" today. Sometimes it feels like I'm not making progress but it's still really more about exercising my brain than being able to be fluent in a new language. Steady repetition. Learning a little more every day... something to get me awake and thinking in the morning when it hurts too much to move. I spent waaaay too much time looking at different sticky notes and bookmarks to decorate my notebooks. Because using colored sharpies isn't enough.

Dozing off on the keyboard... that's my cue to wrap things up! Sorry if this wasn't the most interesting blog to read. Pain won today but I'll be back tomorrow, fighting the good gain. Please forgive any spelling and grammar errors. Thanks for stopping by! LOTS of pictures tomorrow!!! Love and  hugs!!!