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My People
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Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm alive!

Ok... I just got one of those "where are you woman?" emails, so I figure I should make a blog entry. Seriously... I think I have three hundred lurkers out there... you should rise up and be counted! If I go more than 24 hours without an update y'all think I've been abducted by aliens.

Here's the deal: I'm bitter. Everyone else in Georgia got snow but this ONE little tiny town that I'm in GOT NOTHING! It's soooo unfair! I didn't get snow last year because I was living on the equator. Ok. Maybe not the equator but it was still too warm to snow. I know you people in snow land think, "what's the big deal?" but you have to understand... for a Georgia girl, snow is awesome. I only want a day of it... and I don't want to lose power or go through any weather related atrocities... but I wanted some dang snow pictures.

I finally sold a life policy today. The bad thing is that someone talked to these folks about life insurance last fall... nothing doing... I had talked to them several times over the last month and we even set a few appointments - they cancelled three times in a row and the last time their baby was in the hospital. I called on Friday to reschedule and didn't hear anything from them and then when I checked our schedules this morning they had an appointment with Duane! I was like... dang it! I worked too hard for this sale to just let it slip by. It's not the commission (ok, it's a little bit about the commission)... but it's also the fact that I spent a good bit of time explaining life insurance to the wife and helping her decide what they need. However... Duane had done the same thing with the husband. What sorta hacked me off was that the lady gave Duane the impression that she had called to schedule an appointment with him and I had intercepted the call and made it my appointment... which I would never do. Duane's a good guy, though, he had me sit in on the appointment (which was really helpful for me, he's a good salesman) and the lady *remembered* that I had called her about a problem with her car insurance and pivoted to offering life insurance. We thought we'd get two policies out of it but it turned out the lady was ineligible for the time being due to some health issues.

At any rate... I left work late after getting to work early this morning and I was just wiped out on the way home from work. I stopped at the little "meat and three" place where CnM and I went on our Friday the 13th date... and found out they have a DRIVE THRU! Hello! Drive thru! In my neck of the woods, that's golden! Their portions are so big that I ordered one meal to split between Austin and I and it was plenty.

I'm reading the book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers and if you have not read it... buy it now, read it as soon as you can. You will not believe how powerful this work of fiction is... it totally demonstrates how a beautiful, Christlike romance is supposed to be. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been reading it wistfully, thinking of the promise and hope I had when I met Michael... and the disappointment that relationship turned out to be.

I'm way behind on reading blogs... love y'all, sorry... I've been downright anti-social on blogger because I'm busy with facebook! Sorry, I go where the love is, know what I mean? I love interacting with folks...

There's probably a dozen other things I could tell you... maybe tomorrow... I want to finish my book!
Love and hugs, y'all!


Tina of Moon Shine said...

I love christian fiction. (that sounds odd doesn' it, "christian fiction...) So I am going to look for this book. Maybe Wal-Mart will have it.
I enjoy facebook too. so much fun!
take care

mawmaw said...

I have been trying to tell you how good her books are, I have alot of them.

JennBand08 said...

Showin some love and keeping ya here! I'd miss you if left us for Facebook. Just sayin..