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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, March 20, 2009

my rockin' friday...

This post will not be in chronological order. I apologize.

Devin is here. Devin is my cousin Kevin's little boy. Ok... little boy who will be 17 in May. He is also Austin's lifelong best friend. Austin has had so much going on at church lately that he hasn't had time to hang with Devin. I thought Devin was coming tomorrow night but when I got home tonight, his parents were in the driveway. They (wisely) opted not to leave Beavis and Butthead alone together.

TMZ is on. I still have a crush on the blonde guy. He's a guilty pleasure for me. I don't crush much or often. I'm sorta past all that. But the TMZ guy is purty.

I got home later than usual because I took Sarabeth to a spend the night party. I'm not sure we're ready for Sarabeth to be old enough for spend the night parties but ... her friend Jessalyn was having a sleepover with a dozen squealing little girls and SB was invited. Jamie gets really upset when they drop sister off and she doesn't get to stay so Angie brought SB to me at the office and I took her to the party. It was on my way home. Jessalyn is the daughter of Austin's science teacher (because there is only a degree and a half of separation around here). Her dad went to the same church I did when I was a kid -and the whole family, of course, goes to our church now. His mother (Jessalyn's grandma) was one of my bible study teachers. Yes, it's a small world after all. Jessalyn embarassed her mother by asking Sarabeth, "did you remember to bring a present?" Her mom turned red. I said, "it's ok... you know my child is missing a filter between his brain and mouth". She agreed.

God bless Sarabeth's friend Jorjanne (daughter of my friend Natalie)... she was very sweetly introducing Sarabeth to the little girls she didn't know. Sarabeth lives in Habersham county and the other little girls live in White county. What maturity for a child to think to introduce people!

I stayed up half the night last night talking on the phone... like I'm 15 or something. I thought it would be rough today, but it was actually ok. We were ridiculously busy - the insurance business is booming. I'm not selling commissionable products but I'm selling. I still love my job. Since Angie brought Sarabeth to me at the office the girls got to see where I work... and meet Duane.

I bought a new purse at lunch today. Retail therapy. It's naugahide... it was on clearance for $7. It's cute. It's replacing my fauxch purse... which I love but it was just too small. Maybe one day I'll have a grown up purse.

My battery is being stupidly positional and the laptop yoga isn't working for me tonight. Love and hugs, y'all.


Tina of Moon Shine said...

sounds like a pretty good day, all in all....