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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

life is too funny

This made me laugh and I couldn't wait until I get home to comment on it:

Yes, I can understand wanting to paint half your face blue, toss on the Catholic School Girl Skirt, run to the mountain side and scream "FREEDOM!" (BTW, if you do this, please video tape)

Ok... I have to do this just because I made me laugh so hard to think about it! Today I'm dressed more like lost member of the Duggar family with a skirt down to my ankles and my hair hanging long like it's a religious statement of sorts. But the school girl skirt... yes, that would make for some good video... blue face or not.

I'm already planning my post-divorce tattoo. More on that later. Work is busy. love and hugs!


Kelly Dawn said...

hey woman - my brother is getting married in July in HELEN GEORGIA!!! :) Guess who is very excited and thinking that she so might get to come see you :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad this made you laugh!


Good. Don't, however, lose sight of the big goal, which is your long term stability and happiness.

In this situation, you're more Joan Rivers than Tina Turner. Tina gave it all up but kept her name. Joan Rivers though it wasn't how well you married, but how well you divorced.

Let that horrid schmegeggie kept the name. Let him keep the house. You get any stuff you value and any guarantee you want.

Then you go on. I don't want you to think of freedom as being nothing left to loose. I want you to think of it as being enabled to do what you will.