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My People
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

my weekend

Blink. There went another weekend!

I knew this was going to be a tiring weekend before it even started. The thing about living in Georgia again and living in the far northern corner of Georgia is that when things happen in the Atlanta area, it's a day trip... although it can sometimes be a "very long day" day trip.

From the beginning of time... ok, not really... from the beginning of when my kids started dance.... they have been friends with Josh. And as long as the boys have been friends with Josh, he's been spending the weekends with my boys. He was just a regular. He spent the night with us at the trailer. When we moved to Woodstock he would come and spend the night with us there. When my boys moved in with my parents, he would spend the night there. He even has a key to my parents' house! I don't even have a key to my parents' house! Josh was with us in Jacksonville last 4th of July for what I referred to as "boomapalooza". He spent the night at my parents' house Friday night, the night before his wedding. He's just a member of the family.

Josh and Megan have been dating for about as long as we have known Josh. They've had a very mature relationship in that they have always managed to have a healthy balance. They spend quality time together but they also maintained friendships and spent quality time apart. That's probably the smartest thing to do in a relationship: maintain your own identity. I'm not saying that people in love shouldn't spend time together. I'm saying that people in love don't have to constantly be together to know that they are loved.

So yesterday Josh and Megan got married! They are a sweet couple... both smart and ambitious and gregarious. I'm going to post pictures in a separate entry but I wanted to give that background so you know that this wedding was precious to me because Josh is (yet another) of the awesome men in my life. It was yet another reminder to me of how many male lives I have had the opportunity to share... as a sister / mom / friend. And I'm realizing that I do a good job at this role. I think it hit home for me a bit more yesterday while I was hanging out with the groomsmen in the little groom's cottage before the wedding. I'm always with the guys. How does that happen?

The wedding was in Newnan, which is about two hours south of us. On the way down there we had to make a few stops (I mean, if you're driving through civilization, you have to make the most of it!). It poured rain on us. Atlanta highways are stressful in good weather. In the rain they are pure white knuckle driving. We made it... we made it early enough for me to hang out with the guys and take some pictures. We were able to sit on the second row in the ceremony so I got more good pictures! The rain held off during the ceremony and reception so I was able to take advantage of more photo ops.

After the wedding I had dinner with my friend A.T. It wasn't a great day for her but we've been friends for a LOOONG time. We've seen each other through a lot of bad days. She was the one who came and packed me up and helped get me out of Jacksonville. We went out for pizza and girl talk.

Then I drove to my parents to pick up Austin... drove the two hours home... got on the phone with my buddy and talked until I finally fell asleep ON THE PHONE with him. I got up late this morning and missed Sunday school... but I did go to worship service and it was great! My girls had surprises for ME today... pictures of them... and I had surprises for them - bubbles that I saved from the wedding.

Since church I have been sorta nesting this afternoon. I napped. I watched an old movie that I love on TCM... I can't even remember the name... Sunday Afternoon in New York or something like that. It stars Jane Fonda. Also, I FINALLY watched the Sex and the City movie. I had put off watching it because it was *yet another* thing that reminded me of Michael. He bought me the whole series of Sex and the City on dvd on our first Christmas. We had a crappy time together that year and I stayed in bed watching almost the whole series over my Christmas vacation. He was mad at me for something (I don't even know what now) and spent an entire day in the closet in the dark. At the time it really stressed me out but it really just reminds me now that I was not the only one with issues in that relationship... so while he pouted in the closet, I watched Sex and the City, the whole series. And when the movie came out... as much as I loved the show... I just couldn't watch it. When it came out on dvd, I couldn't bring myself to watch it... but today... it was ok. Things get easier over time.

Now... pictures to post... I posted all of these in Facebook, I'll just post the highlights here...


Tina of Moon Shine said...

pouting in the closet. love it.

next, they will have a baby and it won't seem like they are old enough to I am still in shock when I see friends that are now grandparents.

Jeanne said...

He spent the day pouting in the closet??? FOR REAL????